How to prepare your children for the move?

Prepare your children for the move! Be patient and explain everything about the move thoroughly.

Everyone went through the moving process at least one time in their lives. Planning, sorting everything out, and making a checklist is tiring and exhausting and also takes a lot of time. Hiring a professional mover to assist with your move is a good solution. However, moving stress will still remain, especially if you have kids. Therefore, let’s see how to prepare your children for the move?

How to prepare your children for the move?

First of all, you have to hire a professional mover and check on moving assistance options. A professional moving company has years of experience in the moving industry. Call several moving companies and compare prices. Also, try not to hire professionals during the moving season and peak days. The moving company will provide plenty of services for your move. Some of the services you might need are:

  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Proper size of a moving truck
  • Safe transport
  • Insurance
  • Storage Units
  • Special services (long-carry, stairs, moving heavy items such as piano or a home safe)

Relocation can be really stressful for grown-ups and even worse for the children. Babies, toddlers, and preschool kids will accept the move, but you will have to talk with them about the move as soon as it is possible. You might have problems with school kids and teenagers. They will have a lot of questions or rebel against the move. Let’s see now what should you do to prepare your children for the move?

  • Make the decision
  • Discuss the move with your children
  • Moving with preschoolers and toddlers
  • Make a move with a school-age kid
  • Moving with teenagers
Woman who's thinking with question marks around her.
Think thoroughly about everything before you make a decision to move.

Make the Decision

In the very beginning, try to think of the reasons for the move. You should know that relocating decision will affect your children. However, if you got a better job and you have to move, the best solution is to talk to your kids and to answer honestly to any question they might have. Even if you are not happy about the move, try not to show disappointment in front of your children and be positive.

Also, if you went through a death in the family or a divorce, try to postpone the move. Give your children time to accept and adjust to the new major life change that happened.

Also, do not forget about the essentials box! Check on what’s and essentials box and how to pack one?

Discuss the move with your children

No matter what, the best thing to prepare your children for the move is to talk to them. Give your children as much information as you can about the move as soon as you find out about it. Answer to all of their questions honestly and truthfully and be prepared for both positive and negative reactions from them. Try to involve them in every decision about the move, searching for the house or apartment, packing, organize a yard sale etc.

How to prepare your children for the move? Talk to them as soon as you find out about the move.
Discuss the move with your children and try to involve them in moving decisions.

Moving with preschoolers and toddlers

Even though preschoolers and toddlers are the easiest to move since they don’t have the capacity to understand the changes around, you should definitely try to explain to them what is going on through games and their favorite toys. Most of the time, kids under the age of 6 have no problems to change the environment as long as they are with their parents. However, let’s see what should you do if you are making a move with a preschooler or toddler.

  • Explain the move simple and clear
  • Use toys to explain the move as a story
  • Explain to your kid why you are packing their toys into a box and assure them that you won’t throw the toys away
  • If you have a chance, take your kid with you when you decide to go and visit your new neighborhood

On a moving day, it’s best if your toddler stays with a babysitter.

Moving to Miami and you need a good mover? Check here what are the characteristics of a good moving company services in Miami!

A boy and a girl toddlers holding their hands.
Preschool kids and toddlers are the easiest to move.

Make a move with a school-age kid

Elementary school kids might be open for the move, but you will still have to prepare them and talk to them about the move. But, when is the best time to move with a school-age kid? Some people say it’s best if you move with your kid during the summer break. Others say it is better to move during the school year because your kid can meet and make new friends right away. You know your kid the best, figure out what is the best time for your kid to move!

Also, do not forget to transfer some of the documents and papers for the new school that your child will attend. Try to do that before the move. You will need a birth certificate, medical record and the most recent report card or transcript.

Here are some useful tips on how to prepare your kids if you are moving to Miami during the school year!

Moving with Teenagers

Preparing your teen for the move might be the most difficult task for you. You will have to be patient and understanding towards any kind of rebel against the move. Teen kids already built a circle of friends, have a best friend or a romantic relationship. They feel comfortable and safe and they don’t want to change that. Also, they probably have plans for their prom-night and graduation.

Two best female friends hugging.
Be patient and understanding with teens, they will most likely rebel against the move.

So what should you do? Explain the reason for the move. Convince them that this change can just bring good things in their life and for the future. Promise that they will be able to come back to the old neighborhood for the events such as prom-night or homecoming. Let them visit their old friends occasionally or if you didn’t move far away every weekend.

How to prepare your children for the move? Easy! Talk to them, explain everything, be open, truthful and honest! We are wishing you a good move and a bright future for your lovely children! Good luck!

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