Guide to packing lamps and chandeliers for a long-distance move


A long-distance move can be quite tricky because of all those easily breakable household items. Lamps and chandeliers are just one of those items. They are especially tricky because they tend to be big and yet very fragile. Thus, we have worked hard to prepare our guide to packing lamps and chandeliers for a long-distance move you might want to apply. Pay attention to what follows.

Ways of protecting breakable items during a long-distance move

The most important is the right approach to packing lamps and chandeliers for a long-distance move. Make sure to plan this process and take your time. Getting quality moving boxes can be your first step. However, you will also need to get plastic wrap too. They can protect your lamps and chandeliers. Pack them in plastic wrap first and don’t save any of them. Also, make sure to label the boxes so you know which lamp is which so you don’t accidentally put something heavy on top.

Breakable items can be tricky for a long-distance move.

Going green during your long-distance move

This is a very responsible thing to do. The more people think about this the better we will be. An eco-friendly way of packing is a better solution for the whole plant. Plastic wrap is great and your items will be safe but it’s bad for the environment. You can also try packing lamps and chandeliers for a long-distance move without plastic wrap. And it’s way cheaper. Use the items you already have. Use towels, linens, and clothes even to pack and secure the lamps. Instead of buying moving boxes recycle some old ones, or get free ones and reuse them. This will take more time and planning but it’s cheaper and better for the environment.

Hiring professional movers

This just might be the solution. Also the easiest for you.  They can offer a variety of services like packing and that can be the best solution for your breakable items. Also, they will help you transport those items safely. On the plus side – they will do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. And heavy lifting is not such an easy task. Also, it can be very dangerous. Lifting properly is the only way not to hurt your back and people often forget how to lift properly. As you can see there simply aren’t any downsides in hiring the movers. Make sure to inform the movers about all the breakable. All you are left with is preparing yourself.

Professional movers loading a moving truck after pacing lamps and chandeliers for a long-distance move.
Hiring movers will be helpful.

If something happens

Accidents happen. Especially during a long-distance move. You do your best to pack and secure your breakable items like lamps and but sometimes it’s not up to you. Just know that these are all material items and those things can be replaced. Don’t trouble or blame yourself if something happens and those items break. Good luck and safe travels.

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