Guide to moving from Hong Kong to Florida with your pets

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International and overseas moves are the most complex moving endeavors. They cause quite a bit of stress and anxiety. This is why they entail quite a bit of planning and preparation as with any other move. This is particularly true if you are moving with your pet. International move with a pet can’t be done right on short notice. There are procedures to learn about and tackle to make your pet move safely and with as little stress as possible. If you are moving from Hong Kong to Florida with your pets you should also research the requirements for entry into the US.

What is important to learn about

A move with your pet means proper preparation. Nothing can be left to chance and must be researched. This is to avoid any setbacks and problems once you get on the road. The safety and wellbeing of your pet during the move may depend on it. Also, make sure to hire experienced movers that can handle pet relocation. For example, if you consult local Relosmart Movers they will be able to handle this job professionally and can properly guide you through the process.

But first, you should get to know the law and requirements for moving pets to your destination, even if you are returning to the US. In addition, you should consult your vet to find out how to prepare your pet for the move. And you should consult the pet moving service and the airline company about any requirements.

A dog ina a boh ready for moving from Hong Kong to Florida with your pets
There is much to know about the regulations and requirements for moving from Hong Kong to Florida with your pets.

Basic rules

COVID 19 has caused a lot of problems with pet travel today. But, regardless of the current situation there are set rules and requirements for moving with pets from Hong Kong to Florida, the US that always stands. As with the majority of countries, the US also has fairly simple and not demanding procedures. Here is what to know:

  • Vaccines
  • Quarantine
  • Preparation


The CDC has a very relaxed policy on Vaccines. The animals should be healthy before coming to the US and have to have rabies shots. Besides everything you should know about dogs know that they however have preferential treatment. They do not need a vaccine if they have a certificate from a vet that they are coming from a rabies-free country. The country should be rabies-free for at least 6 months before travel. However, pets may be away if upon inspection they show any sign of disease


Quaranteen is not obligatory for pets except for birds. A 30-day quarantine is mandatory for any bird after it arrives on US soil. Keep that in mind when moving from Hong Kong to Florida with your pets.


Once you know all this you should prepare for the trip. Make sure you talk to the vet and start preparing your pet. Decide on the best time to travel and introduce them to the carriers. Also, make them comfortable in it. Call the airline and make sure to meet their requirements and get your paperwork ready.

Vet checking out a dog
A visit to the Vet is mandatory to ensure the safety of your pet during the move


At this point, you should look for pet movers and join forces with professionals from Hong Kong that can provide additional advice and help you through the process. Pet movers will be the best ally to help you prepare for this move the right way.

Have a safe trip!

With all of this knowledge and some prep, you will be ready to start moving from Hong Kong to Florida with your pets. It requires patients and good preparation but it is doable so put some effort into it.

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