Moving to Miami with a dog

So, you have decided to relocate to the Sunshine state with your pooch? Great thing for you, we say! However, before you bring your personal man’s best friend to a new state and city, you should definitely be informed about the laws of your new neighborhood regarding said animal. Of course, even if you don’t own a dog at the moment, but you are interested in purchasing or adopting one after your move to Miami, we encourage you to do so. But, first, let us inform you about the laws and regulation regarding owning a pooch in Miami.

When moving to Miami with a dog you should know about the damage

If you’ve ever owned a pooch before, than you are aware of the fact that a the ‘d’ in dog stands for damage. While this may be just the occasional accident inside the home while they are still puppies or escalate to barking at night and keeping the neighbors up, you should always look up your own responsibilities regarding dog behavior when moving to a different place with a pooch. So, when relocating to Miami with your best four legged bud, you don’t really have a lot to worry about, as the Florida state law is clear and quite sensible.

  • If it bites – you pay

The law of the Sunshine State says that if your dog bites anyone you are liable. So, if you are taking your pooch for a walk after moving to Miami, keep it on a tight leash. If you are on or off your own property and your dog bites a person, you will be the one to get in trouble. Even in the case where your pooch is in your house and it attacks someone, you will be liable, once again.

If you are thinking ‘What if my dog is provoked and it bites someone?’, the Florida law has a say about that, too. The only exemption from the ‘it bites – you pay’ law is in case your dog acts in defense of you, your property or is provoked. So, after you move to Miami, we’d suggest that you keep your dog nice, in order to keep your wallet happy.

  • Fatality case

In case your dog attacks someone and the ordeal ends in a fatality, you have a chance to save your dog. It will be confiscated from you by the local authority and held for ten business days, during which time you are entitled to a hearing. In case you waive that right, your pooch will be put down. Hopefully, you will never need to wonder about this law again after moving to Miami with your dog.

  • Rancher law

As a final piece of advice, let us tell you about the Rancher law, or in other words, when you should keep your dog close and on a tight leash. If your dog injures or kills another pet or livestock, you will be held responsible. Especially be careful with ranchers, as they are allowed, by law, to kill any dog threatening their livestock.

If you are moving to Miami with your dog you should be aware of Dangerous Dog classifications

While this is something which we definitely don’t want you to need to know after you move to Miami with your puppy, you should still be aware of it. After all, you should know how to check if there is a dangerous dog near you.

So, in case a dog bites, attacks or in any other way injures people or animals it will be considered dangerous. The procedure is the following – a policeman will come and take the owner’s statement and will then impound the dog for the duration of the investigation. In case the dog is indeed a dangerous one, it will require registration as such, along with vaccination certificates, enclosure for the animal, as well as a warning sign on the premises. The dog’s microchip will contain the information about its nature, as well. If a dangerous dog attacks once again it will be put down under Florida law. So, we sincerely hope that you will not need to know this when moving to Miami with your dog.

When taking you dog with you to Miami you should know what to go to the vet for

Finally, we’ve arrived to this topic – Which vaccines should I get? Florida law is clear on the topic, but you should definitely check with your neighborhood after moving to Miami with your dog if there are any additional local requirements.

  • Dogs over four months need to be vaccinated
  • Dogs need a booster every 12 months after their first vaccine
  • Failure to vaccinate can be fined (500$)
  • Selling a dog requires vaccinations and anthelmintic – Canine distemper, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Parainfluenza, Hepatitis, Canine parvo, Rabies, Roundworms and Hookworms

When moving to Miami with your dog you should also get familiar with the local rules

Miami-Dade County has a few rules which you should definitely know about before you move to Miami with your pooch. So, we’ve listed some of the most important ones for you here. However, we still urge you to do your own research of the laws and regulations regarding dog owning in your neighborhood once you’ve moved to Miami.

  • Leash – All dogs must be on a leash with which they can be controlled and subdued during the walk
  • Breed bad – Owning an American pit bull terrier is illegal
  • Poop pickup – You are required to pick up after your pooch on public property. Failing to do so will result in a fine
  • License – Dogs over 4 months must be licensed, vaccinated and wearing a tag
  • Number – In case you property is smaller than one acre, you can’t own more than four dogs at one time
  • Animal cruelty – You aren’t allowed to tether or chain your dog when you aren’t at home
  • Car rules – If your dog isn’t in a crate it can’t ride in the back of a pickup. It must be safely secured

Hopefully, with these rules and regulations, we’ve prepared you for moving to Miami with your dog.

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