Expanding your tech company to California

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Once when your business seems to reach its limits in the home state, and when you feel there is some more capacity for its development, it may be the right time to expand somewhere further. The moment you realize that you should start constructing the outlines of the new business plan. Where to go, what should be your first steps- those are questions that will come up to your mind when it comes to expanding your tech company to California.

California, or the so-called “Golden State”, is located in the western part of the USA. From the statistical point of view, the economy of this state is said to be among the largest ones in the whole world. Their trade activities have a huge impact on their economy, and great importance is given to the export of computers and electronic devices. In that state of affairs, expanding your tech company to California seems like a pretty logical decision. With that idea in mind, here is what you should know.

1. Make a strong financial basis

Business expansion is not an easy and cheap step to make. Therefore, it is necessary to be fully prepared in advance. First of all, you should have a little meeting with your company’s staff so that you can explain your future plans. Keep in mind that it’s always good when you know who you can count on.

Then we come to the point of your finances. Such a huge undertaking never comes with a low cost. You’ll have to have a considerable budget for the expansion process. Renting the new working premises, finding new employees, or relocating the current ones. Not to mention the moving and packing supplies and the transportation matters. What’s more, since you can never tell what you can expect in the new market, you need to have some ready-to-use budget, just in case that things don’t turn out to be as good as you’ve expected.

A person is using a calculator. Making some estimates is crucial when expanding your tech company to California.
Don’t let anything surprise you.

2. Exploring the new market- a very important step when expanding your tech company to California

So, here is the point- if you want to be fully prepared for what follows after your tech company expansion, you need to make a small in advance research of the new market and your new future customers. You must figure out what exactly are the most wanted devices and services that people in California usually search for. That way you will not only make some priorities when it comes to the matters of production and offer, but you can also save yourself from some unwanted expenses.

Here again, you should go step by step. Pick two or three major cities in the state from which you would like to start, and then expand further. Thus, for example, you can take the Los Angeles area, and focus on the exploration of their market in the recent period. If you find that your tech company’s offer already satisfies their needs, you can start opening your offices and relocating some of the supplies. And, when you come to the point of commercial move, don’t hesitate and let experts handle transport. Movers in California already have much experience in the matters.

3. Working on the marketing and building trust

The most important thing you should work on, from the very beginning of your company expansion trip, is gaining your new customers’ trust. What’s more, we can say it is something you can’t go without. If you fail to do it, all your other efforts will be useless. That’s where we come to the point of marketing. Simply put, your business is kind of new in the area. And, every new business needs some good advertisement for the beginning.

Share some flyers, do some promotion of your company on TV, radio, and, of course, on social media. Make the most use of modern technologies, and find your place in the sun on the new market. It’s not like you can be successful if your products don’t satisfy the main criteria, and can’t respond to the quality requests, but you would be surprised what a good marketing strategy can do to your business.

On a table there is a keyboard, a smartphone, a pair of glasses and a cup of coffee.
Let them know about you.

4. The perfect location

Well, as you probably already know, it’s not the same if your tech store is located downtown, or somewhere on the periphery. So, keep this in mind when making your financial estimates. Location does matter, and a good location’s rent will cost you more.

This is especially important for the companies coming from some other states. The more people see your shop windows, the more you’ll be in their minds. Most people are visual learners, and we want them to remember you first when they need some new device for their home. And nothing can help you more than moving a store to the prominent city area. Therefore, take this commercial move seriously. Luckily, once when you decide to relocate, goodneighborsmoving.com is where you will find everything you need.

5. Moving your staff too

If you are developing your tech company and you expand to the Californian market, it’s completely natural that you want to show yourself in the best light. And, there is no better way to do that than by working with an already well-coordinated team. When you have the good one, you should rely on them. Therefore, you can simply help them find some affordable accommodation. For the first time, renting a flat seems fair enough. It’s good to remember that those are people you can really trust and if they have already accepted to leave their homes and represent you and your company, you should offer them a helping hand. No one says it’s going to be easy, but it seems like the only right thing to do.

There are several women in a meeting.
Play safe with skilled people.

Now when you know several basic things you can start thinking about expanding your tech company to California right away. Making a decision like this is not easy, but if you think you can reach further you should not give it up without a fight. Anyway, at least it’s worth trying.


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