How to unpack on a short notice?

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There are many reasons why unpacking quickly is a great idea. The first among them is that the process of settling in can drag on forever if you don’t unpack as soon as you get to your new home. Apart from this, you might have an actual deadline by which you’ll need to have your apartment ready. You could be having people over or throwing a part. You might have moved in the middle of the week and want to unpack so you could go to work tomorrow. Or, maybe you just like to have your new home neat and tidy. Whatever your reason, you can unpack on a short notice easily by following our awesome tips!

Prepare well

If you want to unpack on short notice, you’ll first need to pack well. If your preparation wasn’t good, you’ll have a hard time unpacking your belongings quickly. So, the key to success is knowing you’ll need to unpack in a hurry. This way, you can pack quickly and pack smart! In addition to this, there are a lot of things you’ll need to take care of both before and after your Miami relocation, so make sure you get the necessary information as soon as you can.


A person planning how to unpack on a short notice.
Use as much time as you can spare to plan.

Label your boxes when you’re packing

This neat little trick is always among the top moving tips for a stress-free relocation. It has a lot of variations but these are the ones we prefer when we label our boxes.

  • The contents – the good old fashioned “write what’s in the box” deal, especially great when your boxes are full of mixed items.
  • Room labels – this can work if you’ve packed your home room by room.
  • Numbering system – unpack on a short notice by labeling your boxes in the order they’ll be unpacked later on. You’ll unpack the box number one first, number two second, and so on.

Pack clothes quickly

Folding your clothes before you put them in boxes can take up a lot of time when you’re both packing and unpacking. Luckily, there’s a way to fix this! Pack your clothes while they’re still on their hangers to speed up the process! You should wrap them in a garbage bag for protection and you’ll be on your way. his will also help you unpack on a short notice once you arrive at your new home. Just take the protective wrapping off and place the hangers in your closet when you get to your new home.

A lot of clothes, still on their hangers.
Leave the clothes on the hangers for quicker unpacking.

Know your timeline

If you need to unpack quickly, you should know by what time you’ll need to finish. Let’s say that, for whatever reason, you have to settle on the same day of your move. For this, you’ll definitely need help to unpack in time. This is why preparation is the key for everyone who wants to unpack on a short notice. Every minute you spend planning can save you ten when you’re unpacking. So, try to know the timeframe before you start unpacking or packing. Then, you can ask someone to help you, be it your new neighbors, friends or your movers. If you’ve had your things shipped, you should know when they’re arriving.

In addition to all of this, getting more information about the move is always useful. You can calculate the cost of your move online, prepare your emergency moving bag or even research the weather to get a better idea of when you’ll need to unpack.

Start right away

You could have very little time available, so it’s crucial you start unpacking as soon as you can. When your belongings arrive at your new home you should’ve already prepared a plan for unpacking. Now, when you’re in your home with all your boxed up belongings, is the time for action! Your deadline for unpacking can be a good motivation, but it’s easy to lose focus unless you really start as soon as you can.

a sign that says "stop wasting time".
Don’t waste your time – get to it!

The essentials

You don’t need to fully unpack if you have to do it on very short notice. If you only have a couple of hours to get the job done, first unbox the things you can’t go without. This will allow you to live in relative comfort until you can find the time to empty the rest of your boxes. Even if you want to completely unpack on short notice, you’ll still want to start by unpacking your essentials. Among these should be your toiletries, some clothes, and your computer.

Unpack room by room

Another good way to speed up the process would be to go room by room. This works great because even if you haven’t packed your home this way, it can still speed up your unpacking. Apart from this, it’s easier if you’re moving on a budget and have decided to pack by yourself. What you’ll want to do is place all your boxes in one room and unpack every other part of your home from there.

A living room, completely unpacked.
Unboxing room by room will also enable you to use the rooms you’ve already unpacked.


Unpack on a short notice by hiring the pros to help

The easiest and the fastest way of unpacking is to hire movers to help you pack. Your moving company will have the best packing materials for the job. In addition to this, a lot of moving companies offer unpacking services. This is why it’s important to hire experienced and reliable movers. They won’t damage any of your items while they’re unpacking.

It’s especially important to hire good movers when you’re moving over long distances since they’ll handle the entire moving process. So, if you’re planning a move to Miami from NYC make sure you find a moving company you can count on. This way your reliable moving experts from Brooklyn can help you relocate and unpack quickly and without stress.

Some of the equipment the pros would use to unpack on a short notice.
The pros have the best equipment which will ensure the safety of your items when both packing and unpacking them.


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