How to choose the perfect elementary school after moving to Miami

First and foremost, congratulations on deciding on moving to Miami! As you surely know, this city is a great destination for relocation, no matter the reason for it. If you’re moving with a family and still haven’t figured out which home to buy, we suggest that you read out previous post. And, if you already have the accommodations figured out, you should probably start planning your activities for after the move. However, today we will be talking about a more serious topic: elementary schools. No matter if your child is simply transferring schools or will be beginning their education soon, this is a difficult process. So, to begin with, let us give you a couple of tips on how to choose the perfect elementary school for your child after relocating to Miami.

After moving to Miami, you should choose the perfect elementary school by following these tips

If you’ve been Googling about, you already know that there are a large number of both private and public elementary schools in Miami. So, choosing the perfect one really is a difficult task. Should it be the closest to the home after moving? Or, should it be the best rated online? Or should it be the most expensive private one? These are all questions which parents consider when faced with a choice such as this. However, we’ve consulted a number of sources and brought to you this short list of tips which might help you choose the perfect elementary school after moving to Miami.

If you want to choose the best elementary school after relocating to Miami, forget the label

Most parents have trouble choosing a public or a private school for their child. After moving to Miami, you will discover that there are both great and average schools with both labels. So, when thinking of enrolling your child in a private school only because of the word ‘private’ in its name, we would suggest against it. Also, be sure to check out more than the school’s test scores and demographic data after relocating to Miami. Often, schools which can look like a perfect elementary school on paper might not be so in practice. A great website to obtain some information about the school you’re considering enrolling your kids in after moving to Miami is GreatSchools. You will find that it has both reviews of parents and stats on a number of schools, even the ones in Miami.

After moving to Miami, be sure to check out the perfect elementary school in person

After your relocation to your new neighborhood, you should have some time to go and visit the elementary schools of your choice. By then, you should have narrowed them down into five or six choices, based on internet searches and reviews. If the schools are near your new home after moving to Miami, you might want to ask the neighbors for input, as well. However, we also suggest that you visit the schools on a regular day in order to choose the best elementary school for your child. See if you can sit in on a class and watch how the teachers teach. Take note of the way the adults teach the children, you, other parents and even one another. Your child will be learning from them and looking up to them after moving to Miami, after all.

If you want to pick the best school for your child in Miami, know that there is no perfection

Seeking perfection is a known problem not only for parents, but for any human being. So, after moving to Miami and beginning to check out the various elementary schools, remind yourself of this. Nothing is perfect. Don’t do too much research, but focus on the big picture. After all, if you start looking into something which could be wrong with the school, you will undoubtedly find one or two troublesome things. So, instead of taking in too many details, ask your child which one they liked the best. Sometimes, a child’s comfort is all that they need to flourish in education.

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect school in Miami, you ought to trust your instincts

Due to the large number of schools in the city, you really will need to go with your gut after moving to Miami. So, after doing a bit of research and then making a short list, do some more research. And next, be sure to visit those schools in order to choose the perfect school for your child. After you’ve done this, there is really nothing else to it but to use your gut. Compare the pros and the cons of choosing different schools on the short list, but don’t focus on the facts too much. After all, they don’t necessarily have to be true.

To finish our short guide to choosing the perfect elementary school after moving to Miami, let us introduce the top three contenders

  • Florida State University Charter Elementary School – Pembroke Pines

Located in Pembroke Pines, this is a school which scores top marks with Academics and Diversity. It also has an exceptional mark regarding quality of Teachers. This school has been rankled as the best public elementary school in Florida in 2017 and it is also the number one Charter elementary school in the state. It is definitely worth a visit after moving to Miami.

  • Henry S. West Laboratory School

This school is situated in Coral Gables and it has a great overall grade. It is a public school with excellent marks regarding Academics and Teachers. However, it is lacking in Diversity. It has been ranked fourth regarding the best elementary teachers in Florida and in has placed in the first 100 best schools in the state. If you’re looking for a perfect elementary school after relocating to Miami, this might just be it.

  • Morikami Park Elementary School

This is a school located in the Delray Beach neighborhood. It is an excellent public school, scoring a great overall grade. Academics has scored the highest, closely followed by Diversity and lastly by Teachers. However, this school is definitely worth a visit after moving to Miami. After all, it has placed fourth on the best teachers list in the area. Be sure to check it out!

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