Moving to Miami: The perfect home

“Home is where the heart is.” – Pliny the Elder

If you’re reading this text, you should’ve already made two decisions by yourself. First, that you will be moving to Miami. And, we are very happy to hear that you’ve picked this city above all other great destinations for relocating and we are happy to welcome you to the neighborhood! And, the latter decision which you should have made by now is that you will be purchasing your new home, instead of renting it.

So, in other words, this post will be about the perfect home which you will be able to buy in Miami. So, when moving to Miami, you have probably thought of all the different neighborhoods which you believe would be the best for you. Or, if you haven’t, we will give you some of our top choices in this post. Another thing which we will be covering is the general cost and quality of lifestyle in these neighborhoods. We hope that by the end of this post, you will have found the perfect place for your dream home.

Your perfect home could just be in the Country Club

Located in the very northwest of Miami, this is a true dream neighborhood. The Country Club is a suburban area, filled with parks and, of course, golf courses. In case your dream is moving to a place where there is peace throughout the day and not too many cars in the street at all times, look no further. Not only is it a great, peaceful place for moving to with a family, but it has a number of great schools. If you are worried about the price of the houses, don’t be. Moving to the Country Club will allow you to buy the perfect home for a price less than $400,000.

Why would moving to the Country Club in Miami be a good idea?

Let us reassure you that reading on your front porch or in a nearby café is certainly not the only thing available to do in this neighborhood. There is, of course, the Miami International Mall just a few miles away. In case you prefer the classics, there is also a vintage and antiques market a short drive away. If you are looking for an activity for the whole family after moving to Miami, we would definitely suggest checking out The Happy Cruises or the Venetian Pool.

The second neighborhood where we would suggest relocating to is North Miami Beach

Miami is all about beaches, right? Well, here is a true dream new neighborhood when moving to Miami. The North Miami Beach is located in the very north of the city, and it is considered a city itself. But, the beach isn’t the only reason why you should consider moving to this neighborhood. In fact, compared to the Country Club, the North Beach has a more modern look, offering a wide arrangement of flats, as well. As it is situated between I-95 and Biscayne Boulevard it offers easy access to the rest of Miami-Dade County. Furthermore, housing is affordable, even the waterfront one. So, if you’ve always dreamed of a perfect home with a view of water, North Miami Beach might just be for you.

What else is there to do after moving to North Miami Beach?

If you are fond of sunbathing, swimming or simply running with your dog by the beach, you will have plenty of activities to do here. In case you are not familiar with the laws regarding canines when moving to Miami, check out our previous post. But, if you are a history buff, there is a corner in North Beach for you, too. Well, more of a monastery. So, we would suggest visiting The Ancient Spanish Monastery, also familiar under the name Cloisters of the Monastery of Saint Bernard de Clairvaux. On the other hand, there is the Greynolds Park and not to even mention all the boat tours available!

A great neighborhood for moving to your perfect home is Wynwood

While the name might not suggest much, believe us that this is a heaven for any artist. Located in the south of Miami, this neighborhood is the local hub for art, food and clothing. In case you are wondering how close it is to Downtown Miami, it’s just next to it! So, if you are looking to continue your shopping habits after moving to Miami, this might just be the right neighborhood for your perfect home. However, what makes relocating to this neighborhood even more attractive is that it is rankled in the top three affordable neighborhoods of Miami! And to amaze you even further, Wynwood is in the top 3 percent regarding overall stability. So, all in all, prepare your bags for moving into this perfect little art center.

But, what more is there to do in Wynwood after moving to Miami?

There are over 70 art galleries for you and your family to check out, after relocating. And then, there are numerous retail shops, bars and open-air cafes where you can spend a sunny afternoon with your friends after moving to Miami. In case you are more of a beach person, don’t worry. The beach is, after all, just a short drive away. So, be sure to bring your swimming suit, as you will be going there after moving to Miami. And in the end, if you are looking to work for now in hopes of finding your small piece of heaven later, we still have a suggestion. Check out the Wynwood Technology district for a job. Famous far and wide and always in need of a bright mind or two. And on the other hand, if you are looking to stay fit after moving to Miami, there are numerous studios in Wynwood where you will find the perfect hobby.

Hopefully, after reading about these three neighborhoods, we’ve made decision-making easy for you. We welcome you to Miami and to your new perfect home!

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