5 reasons to buy a house in rural Florida

Rural landscape which makes it clear why there are many reasons to buy a house in rural Florida.

Rural Florida can be a perfect place for raising kids or retiring. Also, it can be just a place for young professionals who work online and don’t need to commute every day. Soon enough we will talk about all the reasons to buy a house in rural Florida but first, let’s talk more about the state itself. If you are a hot weather fan, this is just the place for you. Even though the weather is amazing and sunny it’s also pretty moist so people with any kind of lung vascular should be careful. The great thing about this state – no taxes but of course everybody knows about this one, it’s their number one perk, but did you know that Florida is the number one state where young professionals from California or New York are moving to? That tells a lot about this place.

The most obvious among reasons to buy a house in rural Florida- prices

It’s no secret that when you are buying a house in a rural area you can get better prices. The same goes for rural Florida – real estate prices are lower. When you go to a big city like Miami, prices can get quite high. Even though Miami is a great big city, it’s not for everybody and it can get really expensive. Cutting costs in some corners can be a very smart move for your future. Having financial stability is something very important and it’s difficult to achieve that in a big city where everything is so pricy and the rent can be very costly.

Dollar bills you need to buy a house in rural Florida
Prices drop significantly as soon as you move away from the big cities.

Peace and quiet

This is something that only rural areas can achieve nowadays. Big cities are loud, even suburban areas are getting more and more overcrowded and some people don’t enjoy that. If you are one of those people you should definitely consider moving to a place like rural Florida. It has the same perks that this state offers its residents but you can avoid all that big city hassle and drama.

It’s safer

Statistically, it’s always safer in suburban or rural areas than in big cities. Crime rates in rural parts of Florida are pretty low and it’s nice to know that you live in a safe community and you will sleep much better. Those things are especially important for people who are raising kids. You want them to be and feel safe too.

Friendly neighbors

In rural areas communities are small and people all know each other. They stick together and they tend to be very friendly. People living in big cities don’t have the time or the energy to invest in their neighbors especially since tomorrow they might have new ones. In small communities, people don’t relocate as often so it’s possible to have life-long friendships with your next-door neighbors. Also, it’s not weird or rude to ask for help from your neighbor (when you are working on something and need a hand or you just relocated and need some help to settle in) in those communities while in New York people might look at you funny for the same thing. Of course, when it comes to settling in, State to State Move experts can help you out to settle in in no time and also with the whole boring process of unpacking.

New age jobs

It’s getting very popular to work from home nowadays. Especially now during the global pandemic. People are often working from their homes. Kids go to school online and adults have home offices. In those cases, it makes sense to buy a house in rural Florida where you can get a nice big house with a nice big yard for a better price. Also, you will be living in a safe community so what’s not to love here. The best part of this idea is that you get great nature and clean air unlike in big cities so this is something you should definitely explore as an option.

palm trees
You can work under the palm trees.

Buying a house in rural Florida

This process will begin as soon as you go to your bank and talk about your options. Commonly banks need you to have a good credit score and a down payment of at least 10 percent. The better the credit score the better the mortgage rates are, but this is something you should discuss with your banker since every bank is different and has different rules.

Moving to rural Florida

When the day comes and you are about to move to your new house everything can get chaotic really fast. Especially if it’s not local relocation and you are moving from a whole different place like Orlando for example. In that case, experts can jump in to help you out and make this relocation stress-free. It’s good to avoid any added stress and of course any heavy lifting. You can do it on your own but if you feel like it can be too overwhelming for you call professionals to help you out. You already have enough on your plate as is. If you are wondering about prices they can give you a free estimate and then you can decide for yourself.

moving boxes
It can be quite hard to do all those hard and yet boring chores on your own, but movers can help you out.

Adapting to Florida

If you are not used to this kind of climate, you should research more about it. It’s important to have sunscreen especially if you are very pale but people with darker skin tones can also be affected by the sun so it’s important to apply sunscreen before going out. Other than that it should be easy for you to adapt especially in a peaceful and nice rural area. Good luck especially on your house hunt and hopefully soon enough you will be in your new house.

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