Where in Florida are newly-weds buying their first homes

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The process of buying your first home after just getting married is something most couples find pretty exhausting. Making two very important life decisions one after the other is not what you could call an average person’s dream. Sometimes there’s just not much time to think. You have to tackle the problem immediately. Let’s say you and your spouse see Florida as an attractive place for young couples to settle. You are not alone in that thought. Florida, nowadays, is crowded with young people chasing their dreams. In the text below we will list some of the most thrilling places in Florida where newly-weds buying their first homes can find their own private paradise.


Located in the central part of the state, Oviedo is a suburb of Orlando with about 41k residents. It’s one of the safest towns in the state. In recent years there’s been an influx of young families settling in the area. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Oviedo is well-known for its phenomenal schools. They’ve all received an A rating from the Florida Department of Education. If you’re planning to raise kids and you want to make sure they get a quality public education – Oviedo is the town for you.¬† Also, Oviedo is a charm if you like the small-town aura of the place. Orlando isn’t that far either if you’d ever want to change the setting. Feel free to check out visionmovers.com, top-notch moving providers in the area. They guarantee you will have a safe transition.

Beautiful Florida sky
Known for its amazing scenery and stunning nature, Florida is waiting for your family to fully experience it

Oakland Park 

Settled in the Miami metropolitan area, and with a population of about 45k residents, Oakland Park is a great place to start fresh. The median home value is around $230k, so it may not be the cheapest place in the state, but it offers much in return. Great schools and lots of green spaces are things you should always have in mind when planning to raise kids somewhere. Like you didn’t know that yourself, right? Anyway, that’s one of the reasons the median age of the average Oakland Park resident is lower than most cities in the state. Oakland Park is home to the well-recognized Funky Buddha Brewery. If you’re the beer-drinking type – the before-mentioned fact is not so trivial as it seems at first. So, if your pick should ever be Oakland Park, contact specialists to give you a hand and make your move the smoothest way available.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach has a lot to offer to newcomers. A town holding a name almost synonymous with Florida, Miami Beach is a place rich with history. Visit the famous Art Deco Historic District, preserved by US law, or take your family on a trip to the Ancient Spanish Monastery, which is the name locals gave to the St. Bernard of Clairvaux Church. An evening walk with your kids could turn into an informal history class. If you’re not planning a family, at least not at this very moment, Miami Beach has a nightlife scene that will rock your world. It’s one of the hottest places where two young people starting their life together can live. So, the fact that newly-weds are buying their first homes in Miami Beach should come as no surprise.

Palm trees in Miami Beach
A view you’ll get used to living in Miami Beach

Lake Mary

This town is a dream come true for folks who would like to get away from the busy life of overcrowded cities. The population of the town is about 15k and growing. Its population spreading is due to the fact of many jobs in the tech industry opening up. The median house income is about $85k and the place doesn’t seem so cheap. Not many newly-weds buying their first homes can afford it. But, if you can afford it – it will reward you very well. Being the growing tech hub of central Florida, it can provide your kids with many job opportunities. It can be pretty motivating, especially if they’re into math and science. Buying a house in Lake Mary might be the investment you’ve wished for.


Also a city in the Miami Metropolitan area, Plantation got its unusual name after the Everglades Plantation Company, previous part-owners of the land, and their efforts trying to make a rice plantation in the surrounding area. It is considered a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, with a population of about 85k residents, belonging to 55 diverse cultures. It is home to many nationally recognized companies. Many families, in the last couple of years, are choosing Plantation as their home ground. Even the name of the town contains in itself the desire for a stable home. If this sounds good to you, and you’re ready to move, find experts in the area to help you get settled.


Another really cool name on the list, right? Imagine all the jokes you can come up with when someone asks where you live. Alright, there ain’t many, and they’re not that funny. Nevertheless, Jupiter is a fantastic place for you and your better half. The city spends much time and money investing in green. If you’re a family with some ecological conscience you’ll feel pretty good living on Jupiter. Sorry about that. In Jupiter. Now, that’s what you call a terrible attempt at a joke. Jupiter is also home to a great seafood festival, just to mention.

A brief summary

More and more young people are moving to Florida these days. Although the influx of new people is probably a bit slowed down thanks to the pandemic of covid19. Anyway, Florida no more represents a state where old folks come to retire. New professional hubs are on the rise, cultural life is getting more and more diverse and exciting. You’ve seen where are newly-weds buying their first homes. You can say things are looking great for Florida in the future. If you’re interested in becoming a part of that future – you have the best moving providers at your service. That’s about it, for now. And, of course, good luck with your marriage!

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