Moving from Florida to Arizona -what’s to know?

a hand holding a key when moving from Florida to Arizona is completed.

There are different reasons why people move. Education, job, personal issues, marriage, changing the environment, etc.  Depending on the relocation purpose, each city or state has positive and negative things it can offer. However, if you consider moving from Florida to Arizona, you can definitely inform on what things that will change in your lifestyle are. That’s why we have prepared a list of things you should know before the relocation. Now it will be easier for you to prepare for this huge life event. You shouldn’t worry about relocating to the Grand Canyon state because it has a lot to offer – affordable housing, job opportunities, recreational activities and much more!

Moving to Arizona – you should know the basics

Arizona is a state located in the southeast of the country and it is the sixth largest state. The Grand Canyon State or The Copper State has a population of around 7 million and its biggest cities are Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler. It once belonged to New Mexico, and now it is the state of the many tribal areas in the country.

a world map and a passport on it because you need it when moving from Florida to Arizona
Moving to another state requires planning everything in detail.

Moving from Florida to Arizona – what are the advantages?

Arizona offers a lot of benefits. Understandably, this attracts a lot of people to move here. Here are the main advantages of living in Arizona:


If finances are your trouble – you’ll love living in Arizona. It offers good jobs and affordable living costs, which many families find amazing. A family of four spends around $2700 per month and pays rent of around $1000  for a 2-bedroom apartment, which is below the national average. If you want to buy a home, Phoenix offers homes at the median price of around $230,000. Of course, the price depends on the city you choose, neighborhood, size, and other conditions.

You can easily find a job in Arizona

The job market in Arizona is a strong one, and comparing the average salaries with the average living costs – one can make a decent living standard here. The industry market is one of the fastest-growing in the country, which offers a lot of blue-collared jobs. However, you can easily find jobs in tourism, healthcare, and IT sectors.

You can always have something to do in Arizona

When living in Arizona, you can’t get bored when you have a day off. Even though it is true for both Florida and Arizona, it’s good to know there’s always something to do. You can use this fact to prepare your children for the move, too. There will always be an opportunity to have a road trip, go golfing, enjoy many cultural activities, etc. Nice weather allows Arizona’s residents to enjoy their days outside with their families – visiting the Grand Canyon, watching a football or baseball match, etc. Moving to Arizona is a great decision if you enjoy staying outside with your family!

Getting around is quite easy

Having a car in Arizona, and cities like Phoenix is definitely not a problem. The city has a simple layout, and it is very easy to drive around. Arizona’s highways make it easy to reach different parts of the state, so having a car is not a problem here.

 The weather

This is both an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Great thing is that Arizona’s residents can enjoy seven months of nice and sunny weatherSo if you are moving from Florida to Arizona, you are already used to the sunny days. On the other hand, there are basically no winter months here, and some residents find the sunny days a bit monotonous.  Of course, this is true for the southern part of the state – colder temperatures are present in Flagstaff and other northern cities.

Moving from Florida to Arizona – how to do it?

If you haven’t lived in Arizona before, here are some tips on moving there.

Try to save some money when moving from Florida to Arizona

Relocating to another state can be pretty expensive. That’s why you need to prepare your relocation, create a moving budget and find ways to save money.

One of the ways to do it is to move off-season. It will be easier to book the desired date of your move, and moving rates are significantly lower.  Off-season in Miami is summer, so consider moving then.

Another way to save money is to plan your moving budget well. Be sure to find out all the details about your moving costs – you can find your moving quote online in no time and get the detailed estimate. This way you’ll manage your moving costs and not spend more than necessary.

a piggy bank because you need to know how to save money when moving from Florida to Arizona.
When moving from Florida to Arizona, there are a couple of ways to save money.

Find a trustworthy professional

Dealing with all the moving tasks and organization can be overwhelming and stressful, That’s why you should hire a professional company to help you with the relocation. When moving from Florida to Arizona, trust the locals – you can find reliable moving professionals in Marana, AZ. They know Arizona best, so you can have a fast and safe relocation. Furthermore, local moving companies can give you some valuable advice about moving, which can be really helpful.

a hand holding keys
A local professional moving company can help you reach your new home easily and quickly.

Pack smartly

If you pack your items wisely, you can avoid unnecessary costs and damage,  save a lot of time and be more effective. Study the best packing tips and make sure to prepare for the packing process. Be sure to:

  • Pack the things you really needDeclutter your home from unnecessary and broken items. This way you’ll save a lot of time, packing supplies and – money.
  • Prepare the necessary packing supplies – Have enough of moving boxes, packing tape, sharpies/labels, packing paper, linens, scissors, etc.
  • label everything – If you label each box by writing down the contents and the room they go to, you will save yourself a ton of time. Furthermore, you will make it easier for the movers to sort the boxes out and pay attention to the boxes with fragile items.
  • Avoid stress – Enjoy the relocation, because stress and panicking can only make everything harder. Pack everything in advance, so you don’t make the last couple of days before the move even more hectic and stressful.

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