Nightlife in Miami – tips and recommendations

You’ve finally moved to Miami, and you want to relax a bit. Thinking about moving, dealing with problems that came along your moving process, made you avoid nightlife as much as possible. But now is time to loosen up and enjoy your time in Miami. This doesn’t have to include only beaches. This city offers a hot nightlife – from bars, lounges, to dance clubs and restaurants. When you decide to go out, ask yourself what you want to do. Is it dancing, drinking at a bar, chasing celebrities? Miami’s nightlife provides a lot. Weather is excellent, Spanish hot atmosphere is all around, people are beautiful, cocktails are tasty. In this text, you will learn about the choices you have about the nightlife in Miami and read about some tips and tricks when it comes to nightlife policies.

nightlife in Miami
Nightlife in Miami is everything you expected

Nightlife in Miami- Clubbing 101

Miami is famous for its clubbing and nightlife.Its massive clubs can hold thousands of people, and people who perform are hottest singers and DJs from all around the world. Clubs are open until the sun rises up, and the guests are usually sexy models and celebrities. Here are some of the most important information you need to know about Miami’s clubbing :

  1. Get your name on the list

    It would be great if you knew somebody to help you with this, but sometimes it is very simple – just call the club and reserve a table. That way you will have no trouble getting in if it gets crowded at the entrance.

  2. Follow the dress code

    Dress accordingly. For women, showing skin works different on everybody and depends on age, body, and style. Sophisticated style will always make you look more expensive and stylish, so “dress to impress” rule really applies here. For men, more strict door policy is followed – no ripped clothes, tennis shoes or shorts. To look as good as possible, a good button down shirt, dark pants or jeans and shoes are the best combinations.

  3. How much money do I need to enjoy the nightlife in Miami?

    Even though many clubs don’t have the cover charge, more popular and fancier clubs will definitely charge you the entrance fee. The price range is usually 10-40$ per night, but that changes all the time. Depending on who is performing that night, the cover charges can go up as much as 100$. So it is good to pick your club by the event it holds, not by its fancy name. Famous DJs from all around the world will make the prices go high up – both of cover charge and drinks.

  4. Be on time

    Even though it may be cool to arrive after everyone else, the problem is – you may never get in the club. Try not to be too early – go grab something to eat or drink. Also don’t be too late – all good spots may be crowded or full, so you’ll end up standing at the bar. Even though they work until 5 am, it’s great to arrive between 10.30pm and 11 pm.

Best clubs in Miami

Even though the styles od clubbing change all the time, performers, clubs and music styles come and go all the time. Whether you like Latin music, house or hip-hop, Miami offers everything. From drinking beer to cocktails and champagne, the best place to do that is South Beach, Miami. Here are some of the favorite places to spend your night in Miami:

  1. Story

    This club is a 27,000 square foot space offering a modern space equipped with a high-tech sound system. Top DJ’s that perform here are the most popular and dictate the price of the entrance fee. The club offers excellent bottle service experience and many exclusive VIP tables and packages. All information can found at

  2. Liv

    Part of one of the most beautiful hotels in Miami, Fountainbleau, this club is a top-notch piece of nightlife in Miami. The architectural greatness made on two stories is the most popular club in the city, and getting in can be a headache, but totally worth it. Since this is a place where you can easily run on celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jay-Z, dressing code definitely doesn’t include jeans and t-shirts, but high heels and dresses. Spending your dollars here will be completely worth it! More information and tickets can be found on

  3.  E11even

    This club changes the meaning of the world entertainment. Since it opened in 2014, the club found its place in many top-10 nightlife lists. E11even is located in the heart of the downtown, minutes from South Beach and it is open almost 24/7. This place offers a unique video and sound experience. The biggest stars like Nicki Minaj, Usher and Drake had their live performances here. Tickets can be bought at the general admission of 20$, and there are also bottle service and rooftop dinner reservations. Find your favorite event at

Best bars and lounges in Miami

Miami’s hot nightlife scene doesn’t include dancing and clubbing only. There are many poolside lounges and rooftop bars to spend your dollars in. Here are some of the favorites.

  1. Employees only

    This popular New York’s bar expanded to Miami and became the top bar instantly. Employees only offer great food (steak tartar or caviar boards), cocktails (most of them cost around 14$) and great music. It is open 7 pm-5 am seven days a week.

  2. The Broken Shaker

    this place once started as a pop-up bar and evolved into a hot spot in Miami. Famous for a backyard atmosphere in greenery, with lights all around, this bar offers different cocktails, cheeseburgers, and tacos. Worth your time and money!

    Want some good cocktails in Miami? Visit the Broken Shaker - a true gem of nightlife in Miami!
    Broken Shaker offers various cocktail for you to try
  3. Gin + Collins

    It is obvious what drink is the main star of this interesting bar. This perfect summer cocktail is served in the variety of ways in this place. You can choose different types of gin and garnishes, and also eat different plates of cheese, ham, tacos, etc.

this bar is a favorite of the nightlife in Miami
Try Miami’s favorite gin and tonic bar

We offered highlights of the nightlife in Miami, it’s only left for you to decide what do you like. Miami’s character can’t be changed whatever you do – it is a city of clubs, music, and good atmosphere. Enjoy!

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