Moving to Miami with your family: best neighborhoods and moving tips

pinecrest- great place for families

Sunny beaches, 260 parks, many playgrounds, great weather, pet-friendly environment… The list goes on and on while we are thinking about all of the perks of moving to Miami with your family.

South Beach may be the picture you imagine when thinking about Miami, but it also could be that you don’t want your everyday family life to be filled with half-naked tourists. Don’t worry! When already living in Miami, and becoming a local, the beaches will be close enough even if you live in the suburban area.

moving to miami with your family- find the best naighborhood
Move to Miami with your family!

Miami for families at a glance :

  • The beaches!

There are many great beaches in Miami, but if you are looking for some old-fashioned quality family time, you should visit Crandon Park and Hollywood Beach!

  • The outdoor life!

There are 260 parks in Miami area which offer a lot of fun outdoor activities for your family.

Your kids will enjoy playing at one of them, more than 140, playgrounds in Miami.

Moving to Miami with your family may change your family life and engage you in being more active.

  • Schools.

Finding the right educational institution for your children probably is one of your top priorities. There are many public and private schools and you should take your time when choosing the perfect elementary or high school for your kids.

  • The culture!

The diversity is the first impression you get from the Miami culture.Spanish is almost as popular as the English language in Miami. When thinking about moving to Miami with your family, consider the benefits of your children growing up in a multicultural community.

  • The people!

We must admit that hurricanes are no fun for anyone. Due to the fact that there have been many crises in this area in the past few years, Miami became a closely connected community.You can count on your neighbors! This is, also, a community that will unite and offer help to the ones in need.

  • The weather!

First of all, There is no winter! Should we say more?

  • No local and state income taxes!

As a result, moving to Miami with your family will most certainly help your budget.

  • Free and affordable fun!

Finally, there are many free fun activities you can do with your kids.Miami Children’s Museum and History Miami are just some of the places that offer affordable and interesting family activities. A day spent in the Biscayne National Park is something to remember!

  • Miami is extremely pet-friendly!Your four-legged friends are welcome everywhere! Even though this is true, you must pay special attention when moving with a cat or a dog, and make sure they are safe during the move! Find affordable movers that will take good care of your pets.

Pinecrest!One of the best neighborhoods when moving to Miami with your family!

Most of the young families moving to Miami, rush immediately to Pinecrest and there are good reasons for that!

Being located close to the downtown of Miami makes this great neighborhood easily reachable. Moving here might save you some time in commuting. Pinecrest has many great, public and private, schools which of whom many are considered to be the best schools in Miami area.

pinecrest- great place for families

Due to, the suburban lifestyle in Pinecrest, this family welcoming neighborhood is one of the 15 safest areas in Miami. The crime rate in this neighborhood is much lower than Florida’s average.

With its median resident age at 40.8 and average household income of $130,931, the Village of Pinecrest might be the best place when moving to Miami with your family.

Key Biscayne: residential paradise!

Key Biscayne is probably considered to be one of the most exclusive residential areas in Miami.

Key Biscayne- family community
Move to one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami!

This island town is located south of Miami Beach and is easily reachable via the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Even though this neighboorhood doesn’t fit in a low budget moving plan, there are many upsides of living in Key Biscayne.

  • Safety is the best word to describe this waterfront community.

There is 24/7 police control and there is probably no one other place in Miami that feels as safe as the Village of Key Biscayne.

  • Nature. If you decide to move to this small island that lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscay Bay, breathtaking scenery will become a part of your every-day life. Therefore, outdoor activities like biking and swimming will be something your family enjoys doing together.
  • Schools! Educational institutions this suburban neighboorhood has to offer are one of the best ones in the country. As a result, many families decide to overlook the real estate prices and make Key Biscayne their home.

South Miami, another great neighborhood when moving to Miami  with your family

Established in 1972, South Miami is one of the oldest municipalities in Florida.

S.M. is, conveniently, located next to the cities of Coral Gables and just 3 miles away from the Miami’s southern border. There are ,also, various good schools and businesses, and many well-educated people are moving here due to the job opportunities.

South Miami- moving to Miami with your family

This small municipality is the home to 15 parks and recreation facilities. Therefore your family will have opportunities for many outdoor, bonding, experience. The downtown area of South Miami is a place where you can find many family restaurants and, in addition, the beach is just a few minutes drive away.

Casual is an often used word when describing this family-oriented community.

Ready to pack your bags for moving to Miami with your family?

Make sure you have checklists that will make your move to Miami easier:

  • Find the reliable moving company and avoid the moving scams
  • Make separate packing lists for your moving day and ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Find temporary storage places in Miami and make your move faster.
  • Label your boxes! Seems like, that during the excitement of packing and planning the new life ahead of you, packing can become hectic. Make yourself a favor and label the boxes. You will find this very useful when it comes to the unpacking day!
  • Make sure your pets are safe during the move!
  • Also, have fun! Don’t let the stress of moving get to you. Most of all, think about all of the fun and new experiences your family will have in your new home! So, relax, breath, move!
Happy moving day!

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