Life after moving to Miami: Best high school

First and foremost, congratulations on making a decision to move to Miami! We hope that during the hectic ordeal of a move we will be able to make some decisions a bit easier by reading our blog. So, last week we covered the topic of choosing the best high school in Miami for your child. Be sure to read the article in order to take proper steps and make the process easier and shorter in order to reduce the stress of moving to Miami. However, this week, we will be talking a bit more about the different high schools in the city. So, in order for your child to have a great life after moving to Miami and starting school, read through our top choices!

As Miami is a huge city with a large number of schools, we had to be rather picky in order to pick a couple of top choices. In order to choose the best high school, we’ve taken into account the 2017 Best Public and Private High School rankings. These choices are based on analysis of statistics, along with reviews from students and parents. They take into account state test scores, graduation rates, college readiness, SAT/ACT scores, high school ratings and teacher quality. Altogether, we’ve compiled a great amount of data in order to choose the top four schools for you to visit after moving to Miami. Let us remind you that, even after reading our post, you should schedule a visit of the school with the administration. After all, in the end, you child should be the one to feel comfortable in a great high school in Miami!

If you want to pick the best high school after moving to Miami, you should check out the School for Advanced Studies – South

This beautiful school is located just north of Palmetto Bay, in the heart of Miami. If you’re moving to a home nearby, this might just be the best high school for your child. After all, it scores excellent grades in Academics, Teachers, College Readiness, Administration and Food provided. It has great Resources and Facilities according to reviews of other parents. School for Advanced Studies is definitely worth a visit after moving to Miami, regardless of its lower grades in Diversity and Health and Safety, as they are still high above average. The only mark which is lower than an A in this school, according to the analysis, is the Clubs and Activities one. However, this mark is still well above average, as you will see after relocating to Miami and visiting the school. Still not convinced that this could be the best high school for your child after moving to Miami? Book a tour with this beautiful high school for after you’ve finished relocating to Miami! Then, you will be able to see just why the SAS – South is ranked as the second best high school in Florida.

When choosing the perfect school after relocating to Miami, you need to consider the Ransom Everglades School

This is the first private institution on our list of best high schools in Miami and with good reason! It has been ranked as the best private school in Florida for the 2017. It is located in Coconut Grove, just by the oceanfront. The Ransom Everglades School is a great place to take a tour around after moving to Miami with your family. After all, they score the highest grades in Academics, Teachers, Clubs and Activities and College Readiness in the analysis. Ransom Everglades School has lower grades, but still well above average, in Sports and Diversity. They charge a yearly tuition of $35,900, though, which can get a bit expensive, especially after moving to Miami. However, if this is the best high school for your child after relocating to the city, it will be well worth the price!

Another great choice of a high school after moving to Miami is the Suncoast Community High School

This institution is ranked just after our first pick of public high schools for the best high school in Florida. Located in the very north of Miami, in Palm Beach, this is the perfect place to check out after moving to Miami. The Suncoast Community High School receives amazing scores on the analysis. It got excellent marks in Academics, Teachers, Administration, Diversity and College Readiness. It also has above A grades in Clubs and Activities, Health and Safety and Resources and Facilities. The only marks which are low are Food and Sports, however, they are still above average for the city. So, if you’ve decided on visiting this great high school after moving to Miami, we urge you to schedule a tour! This way, your child will be able to see and decide if this is truly the best public high school for him/her after relocating to Miami.

If you’re choosing the best high school after moving to Miami, be sure to visit the Pine Crest School

This is another private high school to make our list today. It is the second best private school in Florida, according to the 2017 rankings and it is the largest private high school in the state, as well. Of course, this influences the yearly tuition of $29,910. This great high school is located just south of Pompano Beach. Its amazing grades and large campus definitely make it a high school worth visiting after moving to Miami. After all, Pine Crest School scores excellent grades in Academics, Teachers, Clubs and Activities and College Readiness. It lacks a tad in Sports and Diversity, but is still well above average according to our analysis. In the end, it is a great place to check out after moving to Miami with your family. As always, we’d advise you to book a tour with the administration. It is good to see the campus in person after relocating to the city.

We hope that with this short post we’ve made the choice of the best high school for your child after moving to Miami a bit easier for you. We wish you a great move to the city!

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