Moving to Canada by the book – step by step guide

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Any moving, especially the first one is stressful and difficult. That’s why you should ask for professional assistance for your relocation. If your dream is moving to Canada, then you should fulfill that dream. But, before a big step, prepare yourself in every sense. First, what is the reason for moving?

Moving to Canada and waiting at the airport.
Pack your bags, buy a ticket. But first, you need a guide for moving to Canada

Moving to Canada – a guide

You love to make plans and to stick to them. That is a great characteristic. So, this is step by step guide for moving to Canada. What will you need first for the relocation? How much does moving cost and how much do you need to spend? So, as soon as we start the better it is for you and your family if you are moving with them.

A visa for Canada

This is the very first step you need to take. What is the reason for your relocation? Work, education, marriage…The most common are:

  • Work visa – There are a few different types of work visa. A temporary visa, permanent visa or if you are an agricultural worker. You will need a letter from the company where you will work. Moving to Canada is simple if you already have some type of visa. 
  • Study visa – If you want to get an education in Canada, you can send an application if a course is longer than six months. Collect all the documents for college. Including an acceptance letter, proof that you have enough money to pay for college fees and living expenses, medical record. You must leave Canada at the end of your studies and if you have a criminal record you cannot move to Canada.
  • Permanent residence – The immigration of Canada can give you this status. This is not the same as study or work residence, they are not a permanent resident. With this card, you can have health care, you can live or work in Canada too. And you will have protection under Canadian law but, you cannot vote for example.

You also can get a visa if you have a relative who is living there. He/she can sponsor you.

How much money do you need?

Money for moving to Canada.
Calculate how much money do you need for relocation. For all documents, utilities and housing too

This is also a big question. But, you should definitely calculate your budget before moving interstate. You must be able to support yourself until you get a job. The minimum amount of CAD$2,500 (1920 U.S. dollars). Some of the most important fees are:

  • The average monthly rent for a 900sqft furnished apartment is C$1,500 (1152 U.S. dollars). It depends of course, on the neighborhood.
  • Utilities for 2 persons per month are C$160 (123 U.S. dollars)
  • Internet for one month is C$50 (39 U.S. dollars)

Calculate everything and be ready. Do you can afford to live in Canada or not? Write down all the important fees, and see what is the average price.

Packing, shipping and storing your belongings

Do you need a storage unit in Canada? How to ship all those items to another country? Fortunately, today you can get professionals for packing, shipping, moving, and a storage service. But, some of those items you can do it by yourself but some of them not.

The first step is packing. So, if you are moving from Miami, you will not probably need a lot of summer clothing and shoes. The weather in Canada is much colder. Also, do not pack all your furniture. The new home will be a different size. Another reason why to not pack all the items is the shipping costs. The more stuff you have, the more you will pay.

Then the second problem is shipping your belongings. It is so difficult to move your possessions all by yourself. It is much easier to hire a shipping company. If you do not do that, you will need to take a long ride from the United States to Canada with the truck. And if you are moving overseas, it is impossible to do it alone without help from some company.

A temporary storage unit may be helpful until you find a new home. It is an additional space for your belongings. You can put inside all your items.

A lot of boxes.
Pack your boxes and find a reliable and reputable shipping company

Choose the bank in Canada after moving

This is another step in our guide. Some of the most popular banks among expats in Canada are Tangerine, CIBC, and TD. Check them out and make a decision, see what they can offer you. Open an account in Canada wherever you want and save some money. 

Searching for a job in Canada

You can do it after the relocation, but of course, the better solution is to find it before you move there. If you do not have a job yet, search on the websites and be active on the social media. Motivation is the key. Write a good CV, if you do not know how you have many different types online. Details are important. Make calls, go to the interviews, send your CV to the companies…and be enthusiastic and confident. The average hourly earnings in Canada are $28.9 for male, and for $25 females. But for example, dentists and engineering managers have the biggest salary ($72 per hour).

A pocket with a tool.
Find your dream job in Canada

This was the short guide for moving to Canada. But, we mentioned the most important things you should know before moving there. Canada is a beautiful country, so take a chance and move there if you can and if you can afford. Find a job, get a visa, pack your bags and good luck with the rest of it.

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