Moving to Miami: Purchasing a condo

Location: Miami Beach

When you’re moving to Miami and you want to purchase some real estate, research is the first step which you should take. Now, Miami is a huge metropolis, divided into different neighborhoods, about which we’ve already talked in our previous post, and we will cover only one part in this short text. So, today, we are going to be talking about buying a condo on Miami Beach.

First, let us tell you that you should differentiate Miami and Miami Beach. While the former is a huge city which covers a number of neighborhoods, the latter is a officially a city, as well. Miami Beach is a coastal resort in Miami-Dade county which is often confused with the city of Miami. This settlement is located on the man-made peninsula and islands and it is more commonly known among the locals as ‘the Beach’. There are nineteen official neighborhoods in this city, all divided on three bigger areas: South Beach, Mid Beach and North Beach. But, enough about the wonderful place of Miami Beach where you will soon be moving to. Let us begin our talk about purchasing real estate.

First and foremost, when moving to Miami consider your criteria for purchasing real estate

The best area where you should buy your future home is definitely going to depend on the different things which you want from it. So, as you think about purchasing a condo in Miami think about these things:

  • How much should it cost?
    • What is the minimum price you are willing to pay when moving to Miami?
    • What is the maximum price which you would pay for a condo in Miami?
  • What kind of location are you looking for when you’re moving to this city?
    • Is it going to be a waterfront home?
    • Or are you in search of a non-waterfront condo in Miami?
  • If you are looking for a waterfront home, what type of waterfront are you in the market for?
    • Will you be purchasing a condo which has a perfect view of the bay?
    • Or are you looking for a home which will be looking over the oceanfront?
  • Now, what kind of building are you going to buy when moving to Miami?
    • A house?
    • A flat?
    • What brand?
  • Spend some time to consider the unit which you will be buying, as well:
    • What kind of finishes and décor are you in the market for?
    • The line of the unit and its view should be considered before buying one, as well
    • What kind of parking access is there nearby?

So, now that we have given you a few useful questions to consider, let us talk a bit about the different neighborhoods and the kind of condos which you will find available for purchase there.

One of the neighborhoods where you should consider purchasing real estate when moving to Miami Beach is South of Fifth

More commonly known among the locals of Miami as Sofi, this is a super luxury area of Miami Beach and there are numerous buildings in the area which will simply take your breath away. Now, the prices will be appropriate for the area, as well. So, if you are moving from a smaller place to Miami Beach, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by them. However, if you are moving from a city such as New York or Los Angeles, you will find the cost of real estate to be quite similar to what you’re used to.

There are numerous properties here which are located on the waterfront and have a beautiful view. As you go through the different condos for sale, you will notice that there aren’t only super luxury building there to be offered, but, you can sometimes find smaller lofts and walkups, as well.

Just north of Sofi is the next neighborhood to consider purchasing real estate in when moving to Miami: The West Avenue

Now, this is a really great area, as well. A little north from Sofi, it doesn’t lack at all in the beautiful views and the luxury, except, it brings perhaps even more to the table with its close proximity a number of beaches, affordable grocery stores, various shops and gyms for you to work out in after moving to Miami. If you are looking for a waterfront home, we would definitely suggest checking out the condos for sale on Biscayne Bay.

If you haven’t considered buying a condo in Sunset Harbor, it is the perfect time to begin

This is a beautiful are if you are looking to get away from the ‘tourist’ feel of the Miami Beach. Located just northeast of the Venetian Islands, the Sunset Harbor used to be the center for industrial type of business. Now, though, most of these businesses are closed, giving way to the hub of some of the best restaurants like Sardinia and Pubbelly. Another factor which you may want to consider before buying real estate here is the fact that there is a nearby shopping center, as well.

A final place to look for a good condo to purchase when moving to Miami Beach is the Mid Beach

Here, we will be looking at small, art deco, buildings, walk-ups and lofts. These might just be the most affordable homes on our list today. They are sprinkled throughout the city in different niche neighborhoods, such as the Flamingo Park area, North Beach and Belle Isle. Though, while looking up the properties to buy when moving to Miami, you will find most of them in the area of the Mid Beach. This type of real estate is often overlooked because of they may not have the branding, like the luxury condos in Sofi, and this will make these types of condos all the more affordable to purchase. While Miami Beach is considered an expensive area for buying real estate, these smaller homes are the nooks are crannies which will allow the infamous city to really fit everyone’s budget. Not to even mention the beautiful building in the local art deco style which are available for purchase.

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