What you should know before moving to Miami

What you should know before moving to Miami

As you are sorting through your things and wondering what you will be taking with you to Miami or not, you’ve
finally decided to Google some information on what exactly you should expect from the place itself. Well, we’d like to advise you, first and foremost, to pack a sweater or a hoodie (or ten) and an umbrella, rather than that bathing suit which you’ve been eyeing. Also, consider brushing up on your Spanish using Duolingo. So, with this post, we’d like to give you some idea of what else you should know before moving to Florida.

You ought to be aware of the Miami Beach and Miami difference

So, when someone says Miami, the first thing that you think of is Miami Beach, no?  Well, we’d like to warn you that despite the fact that they share a name and that they are quite close, these two entities will feel like two completely different worlds to you. Miami Beach is, in fact, a coastal resort which the wealthy visit or where they live. So, be careful when giving or following directions.

While we are on the topic of beaches, let us tell you another thing that you should know before your relocation

As you’re packing all of those bathing suits and planning on getting another couple at the store before you move, we’d advise you not to. Really, the longer you live in Miami, the less you will visit the beaches there, as they tend to attract tourists. Most people living in Miami, just like in New York, tend to steer clear of the popular areas for visitors. So, if you’ve planned on visiting the South Beach, while it is a great place for a crazy night out, be warned of all the tourists that you will encounter.

You should know to expect visitors

Miami, as you are probably aware of, is a popular tourist destination, so, after you move to the coastal city, be ready for all of your friends and family to come and visit any chance they get. After all, if you knew someone living in Miami, wouldn’t you want to call them up and think up an excuse to go visit them at least once a year?

Transplants are everywhere, you ought to know that as

If you’re feeling antsy or unsure, and as if you wouldn’t fit in a place like Miami before your relocation, let us calm your worries. Even if the city is known as the Latin Capital of the USA, there are tons of transplants in Miami, from both America and all over the world. Also, you can meet quite a few tourists if you decide to visit the popular spots, like we’ve mentioned before. So, don’t be afraid, you definitely won’t be the only one experiencing some post-move issues.

Be aware of the fact that the local cuisine is as good as you’ve heard

What should I know about food? The longer the line, the better the grub.

We’ve mentioned the fact that Miami is called the Latin Capital of the USA, right? Well, with that certainly comes the food, as well. As soon as you get away from the pricey tourist spots, you will find quite a few restaurants, food trucks and cafes with great, affordable food. As you’re choosing a place to eat, we would suggest this tip: the longer the line, the better the food. The Cuban cuisine is amazing, and other Latin American countries have their meals represented quite well. Though, if you’re on the hunt for some Asian specialties, you might be disappointed. As for the tropical fruit, the market is affordable and you will never forget your first mango season.

Speaking of variety, you ought to know that the art scene in Miami is insane


GirlSo, let’s start by mentioning the Art Deco architecture. If you’re into the white and pastel buildings from the 20s and 30s, moving to Miami is the best decision that you will ever make. The Miami Design Preservation League offers Art Deco Walking Tours, if you’re not fond of wandering about and just looking around. What you should also know is that the design district is a major spot if you’re into art. Be sure to check out the Art Basel, an international art fair, in Miami Beach as well. And if you’ve always wanted to support the arts before moving to Miami, this might be a perfect chance for you, as Florida has rather low taxes. Another thing which you should put into your calendar to check out before relocating to Miami is the Calle Ocho. And yes, this center of Cuban history and culture is everything that it’s cracked up to be and more.

You should be well aware that the weather is a beast with a mind of its own

What should I know about the weather in Miami? It’s got a mind of its own.

If you’re packing all your crop tops and T-shirt into your suitcase, and leaving all your hoodies and jackets behind, don’t. As the weather in Miami is truly sunny and hot 24/7, you should know that every building which you enter will have the AC on full blast. So, dress smart, in layers and put on lots of sunscreen. What you should also take into consideration is the humidity. While the weather might be a tropical paradise, don’t be surprised that there is more moisture in the air than in your water bottle. And lastly, here’s a tip which you should always remember after your move: carry an umbrella in your bag. Miami weather is well-known for its sudden and short downpours in the season. There are thunderstorms, as well, but those aren’t as bad, or as common as the insane downpours.

You ought to know that moving to Miami will mean enjoying the local wildlife

What should I know about the wildlife in Miami? Don’t molest the gators, they bite.

We’re not talking about birds or butterflies here… We’re talking about bugs! Insects, snakes, lizards, spiders and more importantly gators. If you’re squeamish about bugs, you might consider checking if your partner can deal with them for you, because there won’t pass a day that you don’t see a little critter running about your home. If you’re moving alone, be sure to have a roommate that can double as your bug exterminator. As for gators… Well, they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them, so we suggest that you simply steer clear.

Welcome to Miami!



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