Job opportunities in Tampa

job opportunities in tampa

Tampa is not a small city. It has the 54th largest population in the U.S., and it is growing. Tampa also has a 25th largest local economy in the United States and a low cost of living. All of this, added to an enviable unemployment rate means that there are many job opportunities in Tampa. Unfortunately, most of the jobs that are offering won’t induce much of jealousy as they are not high-paying jobs.

On the other hand, if you are relocating to Sunshine State and have a suitable area of expertise you can expect to earn a healthy amount of money every year. For instance, jobs like a physicist, dentist, or an actuary are paid an average of at least $100,000. But the job of an oral or maxillofacial surgeon will earn you about $290,000.

The feds survey

Twice a year, the survey is done to determine the country’s average wages for thousands of occupations. It only deals with full-time and part-time workers and does not include self-employed people or business owners.

What is specific and interesting about Tampa is that nurse anesthetists with their $170,000 earn more than an average lawyer who earns $130,000. So, if you are a nurse, there are many great job opportunities in Tampa.

The survey didn’t include schooling information, but after just one look, one thing becomes apparent. If you want a six-figure job salary – you’ll need at least a four-year college degree. This is yet another sign that in the modern world, formal education remains the most important thing when it comes to earnings. That of course, doesn’t mean that everyone should choose their careers just for the money. To be good at the job, talent is needed as well as a lot of dedication. Remember that you have to be determined to do this job for a few decades, so if you don’t like it there is a good chance that you won’t be able to become good at it.

That being said, there is another way to look at things. Currently, the most needed jobs in Tampa are engineers, mathematicians, avionics technicians, chefs, and firefighters. But they do not want anyone. The principle is simple – when you want to declutter your house, you use professional services for a clutter-free home. The same thing applies here, they want the best professionals for all of these jobs. If you are one of those, there are many job opportunities in Tampa for you.

The survey is done twice a year to determine salaries for jobs in the US.

Health care

Salaries in health care are impressive, and that is not only the case in Florida. All of the top 10 jobs, and 14 out of the top 20 jobs in Tampa required a medical or dental degree. This means that the highest salaries come from this field. On the contrary, home health aides are at the bottom with only $24,000 on average. However, if you want to live in Tampa and have a degree in health care, pack your essentials box and get on the road.

health care machines
Best job opportunities in Tampa will be in health care.

Bottom line

There is one more thing. You can expect that same job could be paid less in Florida than in many other places in the US. Some are paid much less, like mathematicians which are $20,000 bellow national average. This is the price that you have to pay for living in such a beautiful space.

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