Best places to live in Miami: An introduction

A short introduction to some of the best places to live in Miami.

As long as it’s Miami, it’s good, right? Well, when you get a bit deeper into the whole: picking my house, picking the school for the kids, picking the neighborhood, making sure that everything is close to work, etc. And then, you find yourself Googling about the neighborhoods of Miami. Also researching the quality of life. As well as contacting everyone that you know there in order to make the best decision. Luckily, we are here today with a short list of our own which will hopefully help you out with your dilemma. When your Miami moving day arrives, you will be completely ready! Without further ado, we give you some of the best places to live in Miami, ranked by quality of life, quality of life for families and convince, as well.

One of the best places to live is Bal Harbour

Are you looking for one of the best areas in Miami to use your sailboat?
The perfect neighborhood in Miami where you can enjoy your sailboat.

If the first thing that you thought of when you read this was shopping, you won’t be disappointed. The Bal Harbour village was built around its shopping center. This is one of the main attractions of the area and for a good reason. Built as a luxury mall, all the while having a feel of a beautiful rainforest, it is not only one of the favorite destinations for tourists, but a great haunt for the locals, as well. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes to keep you occupied for hours.

Other than this, let us mention that Bal Harbour is like its name says, a harbor. If you have been waiting for an opportunity to use your sailboat, you will get that chance in this pick of the best places to live in Miami. On the other hand, if you are more of a Miami beach person, there are plenty of them at your feet, as well. And, if you prefer some morning yoga or Pilates, or even the sauna, there are more than enough luxury hotels which provide this service for you, even as a local.

Another one of great places to live are Bay Harbour Islands

Bay Harbour Islands are composed of two islands

Here is one of the best neighborhoods in Miami which you should be considering.
If you’re having trouble picking the location for your new home, Bay Harbour Islands are a good start.

, Broadview and Bay Harbor. It is connected to the mainland by the Broad Causeway. You should already know a bit about the traffic in Miami from our blog. The community has a small-town feel, despite bordering Bal Harbour and Surfside, as well as being only 20 minutes away from the Miami International Airport and fairly close to Aventura and Miami Beach. So, you would understand why this is one of the most popular places of residence in Miami, FL.

Shepard Broad envisioned the Bay Harbour Islands over 70 years ago. Later, it was founded by the same man. The Islands offer beautiful condos, fine homes, and apartments, often in Art Deco style, near the coast, as well as great schools in Miami, restaurants, municipal facilities, and professional business. Not to even mention the number of shopping opportunities which the Islands offer. So, altogether, you can guess why the area is famous as ‘Miami paradise’ as well as the ideal place to ‘live and work’.

If you’re moving, one of the best places to live in Miami is Coconut Grove

Your scene is more of an artsy, outdoorsy place for relaxing with a bohemian feel? All the while filled with history? Look no further! Coconut Grove will be the neighborhood of your dreams. It is definitely among the best places to live in Miami. We want to mention that it is only the one which have lived in for the longest time. So, from 1825 up to today there have been people living here. If you want to experience the history first hand, we would suggest visiting some of the numerous museums. We’d like to especially highlight the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The Italian villa and its gardens will make you feel like royalty in the beginning of the 20th century. While we’re on the topic of flora and fauna, let remind you of the National Tropical Botanical Garden and Kenneth Myers Bayside Park, or, Peacock Park.

History is not your thing, and you are more of an artsy type? You will love the number of eclectic bars and bistros which will welcome you on the coast. There are numerous local musicians performing there, as well as a number of art galleries with works by different artists. And we haven’t even mentioned yet the boutiques and small businesses which you will love. All in all, Coconut Grove is a small piece of bohemian, laid-back heaven.

Still looking for a great place to live in Miami? We give you Coral Gables!

Picking Coral Gables for your new home is a great decision.
Coral Gables is definitely among the best neighborhoods in Miami which are worth considering for your new home.

The so-called ‘City Beautiful’ Coral Gables is another piece of Miami heaven. Planned and built in the beginning of the 20th century by George Merrick, it definitely enters the best places to live in Miami. Its architecture is almost entirely in a Mediterranean Revival style, resembling a Spanish Renaissance look. You can see this, as well, when you look at the Coral Gables Congregational Church. This famous monument was donated by the creator of the neighborhood himself. Coral Gables doesn’t have a direct line with the coast. However, they aren’t too far away from it. As Merrick knew this fact, he included a large pool, which you can still use today, in his city plans.

So, if you are interested in art, architecture, history as well as shopping, you will find that this place in Miami has it all. There are numerous art galleries, museums and historical buildings which you can visit. And if you are more of a reader, there are a number of bookshops which will soothe your fancy. On the other hand, if shopping is your passion, there’s a solution. This pedestrian-friendly area has a shopping center which will have everything that you need. Long story short, it is definitely a great area for your perfect Miami home, right?

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