Will moving companies move guns and gun safes?

Guns - Will moving companies move guns and gun safes

As a firearm owner, preparing for a move, you probably ask yourself will moving companies move guns and gun safes. Or will you have to make special arrangements? Well, there are strict laws that direct the relocation of firearms, and specifically ammunition. So, your moving company should know and abide by these laws.

When it comes to movers, every one of them has different requirements. Some companies don’t transport guns at all, while others require certain precautions before moving them. To summarize, there is no need to wonder will moving companies move guns and gun safes because movers tend to agree to transport guns. But, they may not agree to relocate ammunition because of volatile and explosive nature. The risks are just too big for most moving companies to assume. So, make sure you know how to choose reliable movers in Miami, to help you relocate.

Are you wondering will moving companies move guns and gun safes? Yes, they will. But, they won’t move ammunition because of the potential for combustion.

What to keep in mind?

When preparing the move of your guns and gun safes, keep these three main objectives in mind.

  • Make sure you and other people are safe.
  • Prevent losing or damaging guns and ammo.
  • Familiarize yourself with all local, state, and federal laws for transporting firearms.

No matter if you’re moving the guns yourself or hiring a moving company, make sure you keep these objections in mind. By law, moving companies can transport firearms, but not ammo in a moving truck. However, movers have the right to set policies declaring they won’t transport firearms. So, your guns can be one of the surprising things your movers won’t move. In this situation, you can either find another company or move the guns yourself.

Preparing guns for the move

Before you start packing guns, remove all ammunition and put the safety on. Remember, when it comes to this regard, you can never be too careful. So, even when you’re sure a gun is not loaded, still treat it as if it could be. Then, write down the make, model, and serial number for every gun. Give this information to the moving company for the inventory. Also, take the documentation with you, along with your other important paperwork, in your car. 

Ammunition - Will moving companies move guns and gun safes?
Prepare guns for packing by removing all ammunition.

Packing guns safely

In case you own a hard-shelled, padded gun case, this is where you should pack guns. If you don’t have it, wrap every gun in wrapping material or soft foam packing materials. If you decide to pack guns in a moving box, make sure you label the box as household items and don’t seal it. The moving company will verify the box contents and then seal it in your presence. They will do this immediately before they load the box onto the moving van. This is the point where guns become movers’ responsibility.

Will moving companies move guns and gun safes? – Moving gun safe

Professional moving companies can easily move your empty gun safe. They will do it in the same way they move any other heavy items. This means they will wrap the gun safe in bubble material and moving blankets to prevent damage. Then, carefully load it onto a moving dolly and transport it like any other large household items.


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