Welcome to Miami- a paradise for freelancers

Welcome to Miami- a paradise for freelancers

Miami. The name alone gives you thrills, right? It brings images of wide beaches, suntanned people, Art Deco, skyscrapers, and palm trees. Located at the mouth of the Miami River on the lower east coast of Florida, at the far south of USA, this city has naturally protected harbor. Consequently, its subtropical climate consists of long, warm summer and abundant rainfall followed by a mild, dry winter. Miami- a paradise for freelancers has developed into one of America’s major transportation hubs. Housing and thriving job markets have made it an ideal location for business expansion. Numerous startups and rapidly growing tech scene are attracting freelancers globally.

Although physically located in Florida, gives an impression of the cosmopolitan city. Its citizens have arrived from all around the world. Some of them leave after a while, others stay a lifetime, adding yet more international flavor. Before you find a decent mover and get on it, take a look what Miami offers you.

Why Miami?

First of all, making money as a freelancer in Miami has become easier than ever before. For many years now, Magic city has been one of best places to start a business. However, technology innovations along with prompt changes in the economy have lead professionals to revolutionize the way of doing business. From the traditional one into a new business model called freelancing.

A girl holding a graphic tablet and drawing something on it.
It is a great time to be a freelancer in Miami.

Miami is working for you

It has made an effort to create perfect conditions for a freelance community to come, develop and stay. This city genuine wants its locals to be successful. It brings an amazing initiative by young professionals trying to make a difference by creating a stronger economy along with higher living standard for everyone.

Collab Miami- a paradise for freelancers

Collab Miami is an organization that offers pop-up, coworking meetups for the professional creative freelancer community. It creates a friendly environment for freelancers to meet and work alongside each other. In this environment, people connect,  growing authentic business network. It helps Miami’s freelance community in exchanging ideas, getting feedback, being inspired and encouraged to succeed.

How does it work?

You just need to look up for their meetups. Their door is opened to all industrial arts disciplines: designers, writers, bloggers, social media, coders, photographers, and many other creatives. You will be able to surround yourself with creative peers. Also, your freelance business will be empowered with many new connections and experiences.

A man sitting by the desk and working.
Find inspiration in Miami’s freelance community.


¿Hablas español?

Located on the south, Miami was a point of massive immigration. As a result, Miami has two official languages nowadays: English and Spanish. The big percent of locals is bilingual. You will notice that signs, daily newspapers and radio, and television stations are in both languages. If you do not speak Spanish, it would be very useful to take a few classes. Once you become a part of Miami’s freelance community, you will not have a language barrier. Therefore, you will be unstoppable.

Take a dip

An amazing advantage of living in Miami is that the beach is never far away. Being a freelancer gives you the luxury of working on the beach. Use it. And if you want to take a dip, have a picnic, collect seashells, jump on a jet ski or even do a little fishing, just take a pick.

Miami- a paradise for freelancers. Image represents beach and ocean view.
When you live in Miami, the beach is never far away.

Where to start?

Most people mention South Beach when they think of Miami’s beaches. But actually, this is a pretty expensive area that changes personality every few blocks. Seems that they are actually imagining the stretch of land known as Lummus Park Beach. Located on the iconic Ocean Drive, and lined with palm trees and Art Deco buildings, Lummus Park is a symbol of Miami.

For a family type beach excursion, you should check out beaches like Crandon Park Beach and Virginia Key Beach. Both of them are located on Key Biscayne, and each has its own flavor to offer. Crandon features an outdoor skating rink and both beaches have their own antique carousels.

Haulover Beach the only one with an optional clothing or to say a nudist-friendly beach in all Miami. There is something for everyone.

WiFi hot-spots

Miami- a paradise for freelancers has plenty of WiFi hot-spots where you can work from. You can have a coffee, enjoy your meal and mingle on your breaks. Working from your apartment can get old sometimes, and you will appreciate the change. Hence, here are some places you should visit.

Girl sitting in the coffee shop, working on her laptop.
Combine work and pleasure.
  • Angelina’s Coffee & Juice offers free Wi-Fi and some of the best and fresh juices on the mainland of Miami.
  • Panther Coffee Miami Beach is a popular coffee roaster. It has three prime locations in Miami Beach, Wynwood, and Coconut Grove.
  • A coworking space named Büro is one more place that makes Miami- a paradise for freelancers. Büro has locations in all the buzzing neighborhoods: South Beach, MiMo, Coconut Grove, Midtown and South Miami.
  • Ideal place for the creative soul, The Lab is actually a converted 10,000 square foot warehouse. And it has free parking as well, which is rare in Miami.
  • Books & Books Stores and Cafés are huge bookshops and cafe spots. They offer enough space for your work and pleasure.

No income tax

When you are working as a freelancer or contractor, where you live and do business matters. Florida is one of the seven states that don’t have an income tax. Sounds good?

It is not all rainbows and butterflies

Nowhere really is. But, make sure you know what to expect before and after the Miami move. Here are some downsides of living in Miami.

  • The cost of living is above the nation’s average. Therefore, make sure you gather all the information and tips for renting the apartment before you hit the road.
  • Traffic can be a nightmare, which is probably not a surprise in such a big city. Public transportation is not reliable. Having a car will make your everyday life a bit easier, so consider this factor as well.
  • Beautiful sunny weather has its dark side. The heat and humidity are extremely high in the summer months. Also, Miami has a chance of experiencing the impacts of a hurricane in any given year.
  • As per locals, mosquitos are a state bird. So better get some anti-mosquito arsenal.

Take it, or leave it

Miami is all of this. The mix of beautiful beaches and car traffic. Nightclubs and family picnics. Palm trees and mosquitos. But most of all, Miami- a paradise for freelancers is a city of the future. Be part of it.


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