Top Florida cities for expats – Newcomers recommend

Pick one of the best cities in the beautiful Florida

Moving to Florida is dream come true for probably all people living out of it. However, the choice of a city determines a lot how satisfied you will be after you move to the Sunshine State. Given that there are many outsiders (people living outside of the USA) coming to the Sunny State, we did a research and found out what are the top Florida cities for expats. We did a research among the expatriates who live in Florida, therefore the results should be quite objective.

What attracts people to Florida?

I suppose it’s an almost never-ending Sunshine. The Sun, almost literally, always shines in the Sunny State. That’s, after all, how it got the name. Given that the most of the expats come from Canada and Russia, you get the picture why we mentioned the Sun. Some other reasons might be partying, enjoying cocktails at the various beaches, etc. But Sun remains the reason number one. But what are the cities people move to the most? It depends. After a discussion with different international movers from Sunshine State and with the expats living in Florida, we learned that these are the most popular Florida cities for newcomers:

  • Miami Beach- I suppose this was the city you could guess the easiest that will be on the list.
  • Orlando-The parks are screaming for you to come to Orlando.
  • Petersburg-Moving to Florida and living an affordable life is possible if you come to St. Petersburg.
  • Tallahassee- Besides that this is Florida’s capital, it’s one of the top Florida cities for expats for the art scene.
Why you should move to Florida
What are the reasons for moving to Florida?

Miami Beach- A never-ending fun for party lovers

The Sun, the beaches, and tanned people all around you – who wouldn’t love it, you might think. Well, in a way, it’s true. At the beginning, everybody more or less enjoy Miami Beach thinking they found the heaven on Earth. However, after a few months, the most of the newcomers get used to the parties and starts searching for something more than just beaches, cocktails and loud music. Before you hire your Miami movers to help you move here, we suggest you pay Miami a visit as a tourist. The Miami movers would suggest the same. This way, you could learn how expensive it would be to survive a week or a month and prepare for what’s coming after the move. Also, you could find out whether or not this party city is for you.

Orlando – If you love nature, this is where you should come!

There is nature literally everywhere around you. The lakes, the trees, the parks. You name it, Orlando has it! This is especially important for families with children, searching for a healthy environment. Besides this, another reason to pick Orlando as your next residence is the diversity of its neighborhoods. The Loud music scene, peaceful suburb, young professionals adjacency – and so much more you can find if you choose Orlando among the top Florida cities for expats.

St. Petersburg – An affordable city in an expensive state

The most important reason why many expatriates move to St. Pete is the affordability. Everything you like is more than affordable. So not only that you won’t be freezing ever again, and that you’ll always be able to enjoy your favorite cocktail under the Sun, you won’t have to pay a lot for anything. Besides the fact that there’s no income tax, and that the property taxes are way less expensive than in the rest of the US, you won’t be paying a fortune for your home, or for everyday life. If this would be a dream come true, St. Petersburg is waiting for you!

Tallahassee – Florida’s capital offers dozens of activities for families

This is a perfect place to raise your children! There are so many activities you can participate together with your children. For example, there is a Museum of Florida History, a Birdgson Nature Center, Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological State Park etc.If you’re one of those parents trying to combine science and fun, Tallahassee has you covered. Besides this, there are plenty of things you can do to have fun, and let your kids enjoy their childhood. As a capital of Florida, there’s probably nothing you’d like to have around that you won’t find here. Such as great health care, great schools, parks, museums, art scene and so on.

Is one of top Florida cities for expats good enough for you?
Would you live in one of (according to newcomers) top Florida cities for expats?

Have we managed to cover all your needs with these top Florida cities for expats?

Probably not. There are so many kinds of people, so we probably haven’t managed to cover even the half of needs you might have. But we gave you an insight of what are the top Florida cities for expats, according to people who moved to Florida recently. In case you have some specific need, something you’d like to discuss with me, please get in touch. I’d like to hear from you.

In the end, I have another recommendation for you. Never try to move to Florida on your own. I mean, you can do some easier parts of relocation, like packing or decluttering your home. But for the majority of your international move, hire Florida moving help. They have the know-how, they have the experience with moving people internationally or even intercontinental, and they know how to prevent the major moving troubles.

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