Tips for relocating your luxury restaurant

Inside of a luxury restaurant.

Is it time to move your restaurant to a new location and to attract more customers? Relocating your luxury restaurant does not have to be difficult if you have a good plan, guide, and a team of people you can trust. You already know how stressful is to own a restaurant, and if you decided to move it to a new location, be prepared to expand your business.

Relocating your luxury restaurant – steps to follow

If you decided to move your restaurant to one of the Florida cities, that’s maybe a good idea, because there are so many tourists and wealthy people. There are many business opportunities in Florida, and having a luxury restaurant is one of them. By following these steps, you will relocate a restaurant stress-free and efficient.

A table in restaurant.
If you are relocating your luxury restaurant, first, prepare your staff and make a plan for the relocation

Choose the right location

Location is one of the most important things for restaurants. That is why restaurants move so often. Many moving companies say that they have a lot of jobs only by relocating restaurants. You should choose hot spots where are a lot of people, such as Miami, FL. Before moving your business to Miami, in this case, a restaurant, make sure the location is perfect. Things to consider are:

  • Population
  • Number of tourists
  • The median age of residents
  • Incomes
  • The unemployment rate
  • Traffic

If the location is not good, your business can go wrong. It is worth it to pay a little more for location if it is perfect.

Notify your customers

Inform your regular customers about relocation to a new place. You have already created a circle of clientele, so don’t lose your old customers. If you are moving locally, they will continue to enjoy your amazing food. Of course, besides trying to keep your old customers, you must attract new ones.

Update information online

Don’t forget to change the contact information online. Change the address and phone, and also post photos of your new luxurious restraint. Online promotions mean a lot today for every business, not only for bars and restaurants. This way you will keep your customers in the loop. But, don’t change info on our website and social media profiles weeks before the final moving date. Don it right before the opening date.

Choose a moving date

Moving date is very important when moving a restaurant. Why? If you have more clients during weekends, don’t organize a move then. Usually, restaurants are moving in the middle of the week, Tuesday or Wednesday, so they can be prepared for Friday night.

Also, you probably organized some events or some big holidays are coming soon. These days are not the best for relocating your luxury restaurant. Consult your team before booking a moving date. The goal is not to close the restaurant for a long period of time, it is not good for business.

Hire a moving company

Hiring a reliable and reputable company for relocating your luxury restaurant is a key. You need to move a lot of items such as chairs, tables, fragile items, glasses, plates, kitchenware, liquors, etc. Hire licensed movers with experience with moving restaurants. One of these companies is Pro Movers Miami, FL.

Also, ask other restaurant owners who moved recently for recommendations. Don’t transport your items by yourself because it is too dangerous and expensive. Pick a few movers and compare their quotes and services, in order to choose the best.

Pack your items carefully

Packing your restaurant will take you a lot of time and energy. Not only to you but also to your employees. Pay special attention when packing fragile items. Try to keep your restaurant closed for a short period of time.

Most businesses including restaurants are hiring professional packers, in order to pack items fast and safely. Hiring crews specialized for restaurants is the easiest and safest option. This way you can focus on other moving-related tasks, such as renovating a new location for your luxury restaurant and making it ready for opening.

You need to pay special attention when packing fragile items. The safest way is to hire professionals because they have experience and proper packing materials

Prepare a new location

Before closing your old restaurant, your new one must be ready for moving in. Renovated, cleaned and ready to set all the furniture. Don’t change the style of your restaurant and items that recognizable. If you and your chef created a brand, try to keep it.

Check water, electricity, internet connection, kitchen appliances, is there enough tables and chairs, is food ordered, etc. Act just like you are opening a new restaurant and make sure everything is on the place.

Hosting a party after relocating your luxury restaurant.
Plan an event after relocating your restaurant and invite a lot of people. Old customers and new ones too

Work on the marketing

Even if you are moving your luxury restaurant locally, you should work on your marketing. Every serious business spends time and money on digital marketing, website, social media, etc. Especially if you are moving to a different city, such as moving to Miami. Organize a powerful advertising campaign and that will attract many new clients, which is the goal. Start the campaign before moving your restaurant (before the opening date). Hire a team of people with experience in marketing and grow your business.

Be prepared for a new big opening

Host an event for opening and invite a lot of people. Many luxury restaurants invite Instagrammers, for example. Relocating your luxury restaurant is different from opening a new restaurant, but it is important to host an event. This will announce that you’re ready for business again and other people will know about your restaurant. Don’t forget to be unique and to have something that is different from other restaurants in the area.


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