Moving your office from Miami to NYC: Tips and Tricks

Moving your office from Miami to NYC

Planning NYC office move is different than when you are planning house moving. There is a lot of things you need to plan, prepare and pack when relocating your office from Miami to NYC. Setting new office, changing the address, and everything else if office moving process requires a lot of planning and important steps. If you want smooth office transition, use following moving your office from Miami to NYC tips.

Employees should help you pack and move their belongings
Plan your office move with your employees

Tips for moving your office from Miami to NYC

  • Plan your move as early as possible – try to plan your office relocation few months in advance
  • Hire NYC moving companies with the experience in commercial moves. Your movers should have right equipment and skills to handle your office relocation.
  • Make sure your moving company has an insurance and license.
  • Schedule your office moving over the weekend.
  • Check all details about your new office space and building – if there is an elevator, a lot of stairs, etc.
  • Talk with your employees about the move and tell them to empty their desks
  • Throw away used stuff you no longer need like dried pens and store items you don’t need right now in NYC storage facilities.
  • Change an address on your business materials like business cards, envelopes, and stationery. Don’t forget website.
  • Create announcements about the move.
  • Make a move manages who will coordinate with the moving team, furniture delivery, etc.
  • Get professional help for packing and unpacking process. Professional packers will pack and protect properly all your office stuff including fragile items and valuables.
  • Pack all your personal belongings
Pack your office desk
Pack your personal belongings from your office desk
  • Label all your moving boxes so your unpacking process will be a lot easier
  • Protect your furniture pieces and computers and other equipment with bubble wrap and furniture pads
  • Ask your moving company for help when you need to disconnect and reconnect your IT services
  • Change your office address in the post office, bank, etc.
  • Make sure to set up the network, phones, etc. in your new office space
  • If you have artwork in your office, hire professional fine art movers who can help you relocate your valuable art. They have skills and knowledge to do it properly to avoid damages during the move.
  • Clean your new office space before movers arrive
  • Ask your moving company about insurance in case of damaging or losing your office stuff
  • Bring the plants to your new location, find someone to help you with this step
  • Make sure there are food and beverages for everyone involved in office relocation

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