Moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job: the paperwork you’ll have to deal with

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Saudi Arabia is for a reason one of the richest countries in the world. Of course, they have an abundance of natural resources, but they know how to manage them. Of course, many foreign experts and employees helped Saudi Arabia develop into the country it is today. This is why moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job is a giant opportunity for many. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is still developing, as it switches its industry from resource extraction to other branches of industry. However, getting the right documents for moving to SA can be confusing, so make sure to read our guide on how to do that. We hope it’ll help you move effortlessly to The Kingdom.

So, how can you get a valid visa for SA?

You need to address your visa application at the nearest Saudi Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence. Consulates can be in the same city as yours, or they can be only in the capital of your country, while embassies are usually found in the capital of countries. You should check the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information. There you can check all the requirements you need to fulfill to get a permit from SA, and some useful additional information.

But if you want to get some additional information on how you can pack your things and move to SA, make sure to contact movers from

A young man sitting on a log and thinking about moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job.
Many people think about moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job, but not so many actually take the necessary steps to do that. A quantity of paperwork can partially be blamed for that.

Moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job requires a valid Visa

Anyone who wants to move to Saudi Arabia must have a valid visa. For that, you need a valid passport for at least six months of the period you intend to stay in Saudi Arabia. Also, you’ll need to find someone who will sponsor your visa application.

There are different kinds of visas in Saudi Arabia. Regarding the reason for your relocation and the needs of your family, see carefully what kind of documentation you really need. For example, you may need a family visa, student visa, or work and employment among many other types.

Of course, you’ll be interested in Employment and Business visas.

Approving a visa.
Your final goal is to get your visa so you can go to SA. Some categories of visas are harder to get.

Some stuff you need to know

SA doesn’t recognize dual citizenship. This information may or may not affect you, but if it does, under no circumstances should you carry¬†two passports with you at any time. Otherwise, you risk getting your passport taken by the government.

Also, if you visited Israel recently, you may not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia. However, there are no rules when this norm is applied. Travelers have had different experiences, which probably depend on the situation.

Owning a normal visa doesn’t necessarily mean you are permitted to enter and re-enter Saudi Arabia whenever you want. If you want to leave SA and be able to come back again, you’ll need to get a special visa that allows you that. Also, make sure not to overstay your visa if you want to avoid paying a hefty fine. Furthermore, if you have a permit (residence or work) in addition to your visa, you must get your sponsor’s permission to get a final exit visa before exiting Saudi Arabia.

Also, if you want to settle in with no stress, you’ll need to find a local moving company that specializes in moving ex-pats. Finding a moving company after you arrive in SA can be tricky, so make sure to find one before your flight.¬†

Getting a Business Visa

Business Visa is for a short business visit. If you are a representative of your company, an investor, a sales representative, or anything similar, you’ll need to get a Business Visa if you have some job to finish in Saudi Arabia. Of course, for that, you’ll need to have a valid passport, in a way described in previous paragraphs. With your passport, you need to get a recent passport-sized full-face photograph with a mandatory white background. Also, you will have to complete an application form. You can get that form at the Saudi Consulate or an Embassy. You should know that a fee exists for every visa application.

Moreover, you need to acquire your visa request number. People usually get those via the Enjaz website. This website is run by an It service provider which handles visa applications. If they give you approval, you’ll get an “E number”.

In addition, you’ll need to get the following documents:

  • An invitation from a Saudi business partner;
  • and a letter from your company or employer. In the letter, your employer should state the duration and the purpose of your visit, and your position at the company. All of this, of course, has to be certified by the chamber of commerce, or some similar institution, in your respective country of residence.
Businessman standing on a balcony.
Getting a business visa for Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be a complicated process.

Getting an employment visa when moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job is not that complicated

Almost none of the abovementioned visas allow you to work in Saudi Arabia. For that, you’ll need to have an Employment Visa. The process of getting one isn’t much different from the process of getting a business visa. But there are some additional documents and paperwork you need to finish. For example, you will need to have with you a copy of your work contract that is signed. Moreover, you will have to provide criminal records and a police report, and papers about your qualifications. Also, Saudi Arabia will require your medical documents as well.

If you need to stay for a longer time, you need to get a Residence Permit called iqama. Ministry of Interior will issue you said permit or be precise, the General Department of Passports. If that is the case, you might think of getting an apartment in Jeddah, or wherever in SA you need to work.

We hope that you’ll have a nice time while you’re moving to Saudi Arabia for a new job! We know it isn’t easy, but once you get there, you’ll see that it was all worthwhile.

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