Moving to Lebanon with kids

city of Lebanon

If you’re planning on moving to Lebanon with kids, you will need a detailed guide on what to expect. Namely, Lebanon was once popular as the Switzerland of the Middle East. Most importantly, it managed to keep its charm even though it suffered because of the long civil war. Because of this, Lebanon is a great location for relocation with kids. Keep reading to find out more about Lebanon’s weather, connections, and demographics. In doing so, you will be able to figure out if it’s the right place for you and your kids.

Before you actually move anywhere, you will have to pack your belongings. Decluttering your home before packing is one of the key elements of a successful move. Also, getting your kids involved will get them excited for the upcoming move!

The population of Lebanon

Lebanon is a pretty small country in the Middle East. In detail, it shares North and East borders with Syria and South ones with Israel. Again, this country is really small, with a territory of just a little over 10 thousand square kilometers. Also, its population barely reaches 5.5 million people. However, Lebanon is located on the East shore of the Mediterranean Sea which makes it really accessible.

Moving to Lebanon with kids - family at sunset
Moving to Lebanon will be really exciting!

Moreover, Lebanon is a mostly young country. Most of the population, around 61 percent, is between 15 and 65 years of age. Also, around 25 percent of Lebanon’s population are kids under 14 years of age. Because of this, moving to Lebanon with kids is a great option. Additionally, just about 10 percent of the entire population in Lebanon has more than 65 years of age.

Furthermore, Lebanon has a really rich cultural variety of people. You will easily be able to hear many different languages. Some of these include Lebanese, Arabic, English, and French. This is another amazing reason for moving to Lebanon with kids. Since it’s a fact that multilingual children lead better lives, you will be doing them a great favor by relocating. Also, ethnicity and religion are both very important topics in Lebanon. Muslims do make up most of the population, but many different cultures and religions exist in Lebanon. Because of this, your kids will grow up to be more conscious and accepting of others.

The Weather in Lebanon

Since Lebanon is on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, it predominantly has a Mediterranean climate. In other words, the weather is generally temperate and mild. Also, it gets pretty chilly and rainy during winter time, especially in the coastal areas. On the other hand, during the summertime, Lebanon experiences very high temperatures and humidity levels. However, these warmer months attract many tourists to Lebanon. Still, most native Lebanon people would advise anyone to visit the mountains during the summer. Yet, you should definitely look for professional advice on this topic, which you can find on Namely, the high levels of humidity which are not ideal, especially for kids, are one of the main reasons. Therefore, if you’re moving to Lebanon with kids, try to aim for a less intense period.

hill, tree and a desk
The mountains in Lebanon are amazing during Summer!

On the other hand, you should stay away from Lebanese mountains during the wintertime. Not only is the temperature often below zero degrees, but also heavy snow is very common. Often times it doesn’t even completely melt when summer comes around since it snowed so much during the winter. Also, rainfall is a really common occurrence throughout the entire year. That is, with the exception of June and August which are nearly completely dry, without any rain.

How to get at the destination if you are moving to Lebanon with kids

The capital city of Lebanon, Beirut, has its own International Airport. This makes it really easy to get to Lebanon, especially for international travelers. Also, this will make moving to Lebanon with kids a breezy experience even if you’re moving on short notice. Moreover, flights from Middle East Airlines are quite regular but are more often domestic than international. Nevertheless, flights to and from Beirut Airport are incredibly cheap. This is due to Lebanon sharing a border with Syria.

Namely, the US Department of State claims travel to Lebanon is risky and dangerous because of the situation in Syria. Although this doesn’t mean that similar violence is present in Lebanon, you should still be cautious, especially for your kids. Specifically, stay away from the borders in the North and East since they really are dangerous. However, if you are moving to any other parts of Lebanon, both you and your family will surely be completely safe.

Families in Lebanon

The word family has a very different meaning than what you are probably used to. A family in Lebanon is not only made up of your spouse and kids. But it includes the community as a whole. Most people come from Lebanon saying they never before visited a place where they were treated so much like family. Whether you decide to move to a big city or to the mountains, it is all the same. Also, on the coast and in the valley, family means everybody. This is especially important if you’re moving to Lebanon with kids. Prepare them for relocation properly, and they will adjust to this change easily. It will give them a sense of union and community. Also, they will learn how to appreciate all the love they will receive.

people on the hill
Family time is really important in Lebanon!

Namely, you will find families always together and always welcoming new members. Eating and barbequing are really popular activities in Lebanon. Also, drinking delicious beer of Lebanese making and retelling old stories is one of the main charms of this country. While the adults are enjoying their beverages and delicious food, the kids will always run around playing. This makes Lebanon one of the most ideal places to move with kids. They will have the time of their lives, playing, jumping, running on the streets of Lebanon, away from the technology. In this way, you will be able to give them a purer childhood, which is what most parents strive for today.

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