Moving musical instruments from Florida to New York

The drums and a guitar which need to be prepared properly when moving musical instruments

Living in Florida as a musician is great if you want to work on your career. But moving to New York is a far better option. New York is where you will be able to meet plenty of people who work in the music industry and you will be able to progress with your work. And it is exactly why a lot of people are moving to New York. But being a musician means having some sort of an instrument or more of them. And when it comes to moving, these items propose the biggest issue. They are very delicate and fragile which makes moving them much harder. This is why you need to make sure that you are moving musical instruments correctly as they might get damaged in the whole process if you don’t. 

How to handle interstate moving with instruments? 

If you have never moved out of state before, you might not know how to handle an interstate move. We decided to give you a couple of tips that are going to make this move with your instruments a whole lot easier to handle and carry out. 

A man in the countryside holding a guitar.
You need to know how to handle interstate moving.
  1. Plan your move in advance – Having a moving plan is the best way to make sure that you are well-organized and that you are doing everything that your move requires you to do in order to make it successful. 
  1. Hire reliable movers – You need somebody who is going to get you to your new state. By this, we of course mean hiring professional moving services. Movers are there to make moving easier. Not hiring movers when moving musical instruments is a huge mistake to make. You just might end up with a damaged instrument because you didn’t want to hire professional assistance.  But make sure you find good long distance movers
  1. Get the right packing supplies – You also need to make sure that you have the best possible packing supplies if you want to keep your instruments safe and sound during an interstate move. It is best to get packing supplies from the moving company that you are hiring as they surely have good quality packing supplies. You can also hire packing services instead of asking your friend for help when packing.

How to move certain musical instruments? 


The piano is the bulkiest instrument of them all and moving it isn’t easy. This is not something you can do yourself and it is why we would advise you to hire a team of professional movers. They will know the best ways to handle this bulky item. 

A piano.
Pianos are bulky and heavy which makes moving them without help impossible.


If moving drums, you are going to need a couple of big boxes and a lot of bubble pack for wrapping your drums so they don’t rip or damage. Bubble pack works great as protection


One of the most delicate instruments definitely requires professional help when relocating. They have the necessary tools for moving such instruments.

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