Moving to Miami alone

After a long period of working in Central America, I have decided to move to Miami, Florida and try my luck. I was not sure at first what to do, but I quickly got a hang of it. Miami is a great place to live and work, but if you are not careful it can be hard for you. So, based on my experience, here are some guides on what you should expect before moving to Miami alone.

Choosing the right relocating company

Right from the start, this was the hardest thing to do. I did not know anything about Miami, yet alone about any moving company. The stress was to great and I could not afford it to lose time and money on wrong choices. After listening to some of my friend’s advices and a little bit of research I found out how to chose the right movers company before relocating to Miami alone.  Before you chose to start your new life in Miami, it does not hurt to know a thing or two about the right Florida moving services.

Truck, Moving to Miami alone
Choose the right company before moving to Miami alone

What to expect before moving to Miami alone

With Miami you never know what to expect. But some things you will encounter for sure. With it near perfect weather, you can imagine how many people want to live there. But, here are some things you can expect to happen when you relocate to Miami:

  • Almost constant spring break due to great weather
  • Slow trafic. Everybody drives slowly
  • Expect visitors. Yes, your friends will probably want to freeload on your new place for a while.
  • Weather can sometimes be a problem. You can get used to humidity and heat, but not to floodings that happen often in Miami. Be sure not to live to close to waterfront.
  • Bugs and other wild life can be a problem too. Climate is perfect for them and you will encounter mosqitoes and other bugs all year. Not to mention gators. So if you are not sure you can handle this, be careful.
  • Spanish is more used than English. Makes sense since most of Miami’s habitants come from Central America.

Food and art life in Miami

As with every city in the world, you will encounter a lot of good food restaurants, museums, theathers and clubs. Miami is no different than other places, in fact, he probably has more of them than any other cities.

When it comes to food, try to avoid tourist traps, such as fency restaurants and other take outs. Doing some research can show you where good places are hiding with some great food at a reasanable prices.

Beach life is not everything in Miami. Most Miami habitants tend to avoid going to beach every day since it can be full of tourists almost every day. Instead, there are a lot of other things to do in Miami. For instance, if you are into Art Deco, The MDPL (Miami Design Preservation League) often orginizes tours, also known as Art Deco Walking Tours.

Miami is also home to its famous design district. Putting it on the world’s most beloved art spots is Art Basel, where leading art galleries from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa are located.

Miami airport, colored glass, art
Miami Airport is like an art exhibition itself

Moving to Miami for work

One of the common reasons people move are based around finding new jobs and starting their careers., so get ready for good old job hunt. After all, it is logical to move and have a job. You will find life in Miami is hard without having a decent job.  As I mentioned before, finding a new job is just another stress you have to deal with before moving to Miami alone. But moving to South Florida does not have to be stressful as you can imagine it would be.

Jobs in Miami and what to expect

As with any other costal tourist spots, Miami is a center of crouise industry. There will always be a shortage of workers in these fields:

  • Airport
  • Cruise ships
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

Many multinational and international companies have their bases in Miami. Lot of job oportunities will come from them. Like jobs in construciton industry, healthcare, education, transportation etc.

But, lets get to the point of any job. Salary. What you expect vs reality. Cruel reality is that Salaries in Miami are not as high as you would like to be. Miami being more of a tourist city, tends to import most of the products you will buy in the stores.  Making them a bit more expensive than in the cities you lived before. So, make sure your new job actually pays of before you plan on moving to Miami alone.

Interesting facts you should know before relocating to Miami alone

Hopefully this little guide helped you in your decision to move to Miami. There are still a lot of things to know and to do. So in the end let me give you some interesting information about Miami that you probably did not know before:

  • Over 150+ ethnicities reside in Miami, using over 60 languages.
  • Miami was ranked as a cleanest city in America.
  • The founder of Miami was a woman named Julia Tuttle (The Mother of Miami), making Miami the only major city founded by a woman.
  • In 1944, Miami’s pharmacists Benjamin Green invented the first Suntan Lotion.
  • Miami is the home of the largest cruise ship port in the world.
  • Seen as one of the base of operations and a place to hide their treasure, Miami was considered a favorite place among pirates such as Blackbeard, Gasparilla, Lafitte etc.
Pirate, treasure
Miami was a famous pirate haven

With all other things happening in your life, you can find it hard to concentrate on how to relocate to Miami. Hopefully this little guide and tips helped you in you decision about moving to Miami alone. Please, share with us your personal experiences and other fun facts you found out about Miami while you are there.

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