Moving from Miami to NYC with kids – Where to settle

New York City panorama

Your kids deserve the best. When you decide that moving from Miami to NYC with kids is a thing to do, you need to have a strong reason. In this case, it is obvious why have you decided on this step. A family move will require making a detailed plan. When having in mind that New York is one of the largest cities it is of great importance to decide where to settle precisely.

World center is a place where you need to settle

New York bears the title of the most popular city in the world. This city is a huge metropolitan area and it is the capital of the world for many things. It is placed on the world’s largest natural harbor. ¬†Because of that, around 800 languages are spoken in New York, thus making it the most linguistically and culturally diverse city in the world. This is the mean reason why you should consider moving from Miami to NYC with kids. They can learn a lot here and the city will give them so many opportunities to grow. First, you need to select a suburb and neighborhood to settle and can help you with moving your belongings to your new address. When deciding, think about:

  • Midtown
  • Gramercy
  • Greenwich Village

One of the best neighborhoods in New York City to settle

Midtown is a big neighborhood located in New York County and, by many parameters, is one of the best places to live in New York City. Midtown offers its residents an urban feeling and it contains great conditions if you want to build a new life here. This is heaven for young professionals and families with kids. The public schools in Midtown are renowned here which represents an important fact when you are moving from Miami to NYC with kids. If you want to buy a home here, you need to break your stash because the prices are high around here.

Buildings in Brooklyn
Explore the city and find a good place to stay

A small neighborhood for your family

Gramercy is located near the East River and it is one of the highly valued places to live in New York. Gramercy offers an urban kind of life. It has everything you could wish for. Great schools, business opportunities, a chance to live a peaceful life. You can organize your entire life perfectly in this neighborhood, once you find your new home. Real estate agents from around can help you to find something that suits you perfectly.

A place to settle in when moving from Miami to NYC

Greenwich Village offers residents an urban feel, at the first sight. In the center of the neighborhood is grand Washington square park which negates that urban feel.  This is of those a bit more expensive places to live, but the offer compensates for its price. According to popularity ratings, Greenwich Village is among the top five neighborhoods to live in, in New York City. It is in the top ten to raise a family. If you choose this area, skilled neighbors can help with relocation. You can rely on them completely.

New York panorama
This city is big enough for everyone to find their home

Finding a place to settle, when moving from Miami to NYC with kids is your plan, can be a tricky thing to do. Usually, it requires serious research, but once you find the perfect place you will realize that it is worth spending time on.

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