Miami family moving to Tennessee: best places for your new home

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So you`re a Miami family moving to Tennessee. This is definitely a big important step with plenty of things to consider. Ask yourself two questions. Am I willing to trade my great social life in Florida for the peace and quiet in Tennessee? Am I really prepared for a change of this amplitude?

Moving from an apartment to a house is a really big transition. The life you got used to all those years living in your cozy flat in Florida is going to recalibrate itself a tiny little bit. But trust me when I tell you that it is all for the best. With one toddler running around and another child on the way, moving to a house it`s going to mean such a big extra space. Your little ones are going to need it for sure.

Hand of parents around their baby`s feet.
Priorities definitely change when you have a new member in the family.

In case you`ve already decided, here are 7 of the best places for a new home suitable for a Miami family moving to Tennessee:


A small town in Rutherford County, Smyrna has been voted as one of the best places to retire in the U.S. Here lies the largest automotive assembly plant in the U.S. The Nissan Smyrna Assembly makes over 600,000 cars every year. With lots of parks and a great variety of schools, Smyrna is a suitable place to raise a family.


Just ten miles away from Memphis, Millington is a cozy city located in Shelby County. It holds the title “Flag City Tennessee” by the Tennessee State Legislature. With so many Memphis moving companies, it`s pretty hard to choose the best ones. Let professionals help you settle in and enjoy a stress-free relocation with reliable movers. Here, in Millington, you are going to be 15 minutes away from Grind City, but enjoying the peace and quiet outside of the Metropolitan Area.


Almost 20 miles southeast of Nashville, Nolensville is really the definition of comfy. Although it only has a total surface area of only 25 km2, there are plenty of opportunities around here. This lovely town has a great load of history. It is said that William Nollen, a war veteran, has decided to settle in this place in the year 1797. He created a community here which was later named Nolensville in order to honor him. It is also a green place, where you can get a taste of raw nature, which makes it perfect for any Miami family moving to Tennessee.

Cars on the boulevard of Nashville city.
Nashville is the capital city of the state of Tennessee.


One of Memphis` suburbs, Germantown is known for one of the lowest crime rates in TN for its size. The police and fire departments are also the most prompt in the whole state, with an average response of 4 to 5 minutes each. There are many abandoned houses around here and usually, people make the mistake of not moving here because they say there are too many things to change. But with a bunch of tips for remodeling an old house, you could do wonders and have the place of your dreams just with minimum input. All you have to do is refuse to be lazy like your predecessors who preferred to leave it like that just because of the noises that annoying wooden stair was making. Remember there are no such things as haunted houses. The wind is definitely playing with your head.


A relatively small city in Hamilton County, Collegedale is part of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Statistical Area. Voted one of the safest places to live in TN, it is definitely a good place for a Miami family moving to Tennessee. Also, the economy here is one of the best in the whole county with a median household among the highest. With so many recreational places around here, Collegedale is a great place for nature lovers. It has lots of parks and green spaces which will add to the joy of your little ones.


The former county seat of Shelby County, Bartlett is a suburb of the Raleigh community. Behind the Bartlett Police Station, you will find the Bartlett Recreation Center. With almost 55,000 square feet, it is a popular facility amongst people within a 50-mile radius. People from other counties are also using it as a stress-relieve oasis. Within only a few miles away from Millington, you can also take advantage of the reliable movers at Spyder Moving, which our readers have voted as professional to the extent of making the relocation plan for you, according to your own personal needs.


Morristown is the principal city of the Morristown Metropolitan Statistical Area and also the county seat of Hamblen County. It is full of historic sites such as Bethesda Presbyterian Church, Crockett Tavern Museum, and many others. Morristown is also one of the green places in Tennessee. It is a great place to start learning golf, as there are many dedicated local instructors here. People in Morristown are the celebrating type, so if you are the same, join their great community. Here you will find several annual festivals, among which we include: Morrison Craft Beer Festival, Morrison Strawberry Festival, and Mountain Makins Festival.

Family walking in the Old Town just before sunset.
Regular family activities are important for establishing cohesion.

You are neither the first nor the last Miami family moving to Tennessee. Many of the ones who have decided to make this important step before you are more than satisfied with their decision. They are happy that they are no longer an active subject of the fast-paced life in Florida. They feel much more relaxed and seem to be adapting really quickly to their new life.

In case you are just commencing your amazing journey, make sure you go through some important questions to ask your movers. Embarking on this type of journey requires courage, but this doesn`t mean that you don`t need to pay attention to which kind of people you are giving your belongings to. Don`t forget that some proper planning is going to be very helpful long-term, which is why you should take care of increasing your own odds for success.

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