Leaving Florida for Washington: cities you should consider

Leaving Florida for Washington

Florida is one of the most amazing states in the country. There are plenty of things that make living in Florida great. The weather, for example, affordable and good housing, beautiful cities, plenty of things to see and do. These are just some of the things that make living in Florida great. There are some things that are not so good about living here which is why some people decide to move away to another state. There are also plenty of people moving to other states because they simply want to switch up their environment. Some are moving for a job opportunity, some are moving because they are seeking safer options. Either way, Washington is the perfect state to move to. Leaving Florida for Washington is a huge change to make. These are two very different states. They are located in two completely different parts of the country. Washington is a state in the north-west and Florida is located on the south-eastern coast of the country.

This means that this is a very huge change to make. This is why choosing the perfect city to move to is necessary. It is going to take a lot of getting used to which is why living in the best possible environment is the best way to prevent post-relocation depression. This is exactly why we decided to write this guide on just some of the cities in Washington that you should consider moving to when leaving Florida for Washington. There are plenty of them so this wasn’t an easy selection to make.

Washington state.
There are dozens of things that make living in Washington amazing.


The first city that made it on our list of the best Washington cities to consider moving to is Lynnwood. This is a medium-sized, suburban town. It is located north of Seattle, just a couple of hours of driving away. And there are dozens of things that make this city amazing for anyone. A lot of families with children move to Lynnwood as it is a safe town to live in. There aren’t plenty of people living here but the number isn’t small either. It is truly a medium-sized town which is what makes it one of the best places to live in if leaving Florida for Washington.

Another reason why families move to Lynnwood is the fact that the schools are amazing. This is an amazing town for both the elderly and young people. Young can have a lot of fun here but so can the elderly. There are a couple of parks just within the town and there are more nearby. Have in mind that the nature in Washington is completely different than the nature in Florida. You can go hiking a lot for example which is just what a lot of people do. So, if you decide to move to Lynnwood, locals can give you a hand with the move within the city if you decide to rent a home and then move away to another one of your own if you end up liking living in Lynnwood. But we think you will.

Seattle s a short drive away from Lynnwood.


The second city to consider moving to is Marysville. It is located even further up north than Lynnwood. This means that it is a much colder environment than what you are now used to. This is something you might need a lot of time to get used to but we doubt it will be a problem once you see how amazing Marysville is. There are plenty of beautiful homes in Marysville and it isn’t such an expensive town to live in. You can find affordable housing in Miami as well but Marysville is a far better option for some people.

There are plenty of parks here as well. This is where you will be spending plenty of time with your family and friends for sure. There is an amazing golf club in the town as well which is why plenty of retirees are moving to Marysville. This is why this is a very safe city to live in.

If you are a senior thinking about leaving Florida for Washington, Marysville is the perfect place to live in. There are plenty of places in Marysville where you’ll love spending your free time doing the things you love. There is assistance for settling in here that you can hire. And since not a lot of people are able to or want to purchase a home right away, renting a home and then moving is the perfect solution. And it is exactly what we recommend doing as well.

Marysville is an amazing rural town.

Moving long-distances isn’t an easy task to handle which is why hiring long-distance moving services is what we recommend doing. Moving without them is almost impossible.


If searching for a bigger, more urban city to move to but Seattle is not your first option, Tacoma is an amazing place to consider. This is a big city located on Commencement Bay. And Tacoma is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It has an amazing peninsula-like part of the town. It is called Point Defiance. This is where you will love spending most of your free time. This is where you’ll find the city’s zoo as well as some amazing beaches. During the summer this is where most people come to have some fun and relax. There is also a huge park where you can go for walks, jogs, bike rides, etc. Living in Tacoma means having a lot of options and hansenbros.com can help you relocate here.

Tacoma is another city perfect for people of all ages. Retirees and young people both love living here as there is something for everyone to enjoy. You will also find museums and galleries here. Plenty of bars and restaurants as well. Tacoma is a great place for shopping in both local and big-name brand stores. You can move in a week to Tacoma if you wish to do so after reading more about this amazing city.

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