LA vs Miami – Which is better?

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Do you want to change your life and move to a new city? If you don’t, then the first step is to choose where to move and then to organize a relocation. If you are choosing between two major cities in the USA – Los Angeles and Miami, you should research them, in order to pick the best for you. And your family too if you are moving together. Which city is better – LA vs Miami and what is so special about these two places?

How to choose a place to move to?

How to know where to move and to choose a perfect city for you?  Where should you live? By following these simple steps you can pick the best place for starting a new life. Not only LA or Miami, but these rules are also universal.

  • Affordability – costs of living are a major thing to consider. When it comes to LA vs Miami, Miami is more affordable, but it all depends on the neighborhood you will choose.
  • Taxes – consider local, income, retail sales taxes so you will know what to expect after moving. Can you afford to live in Florida or California?
  • The job market – What are employment opportunities, the job market, and research can you find your dream job after moving.
  • Housing – Explore housing costs and real estate options, especially if you are moving with family and need a bigger space.
  • Safety – The crime rate should be low, so you don’t need to worry about safety.
  • Education – If you are moving with kids, explore schools and their rates.
  • Climate – If you want to live somewhere hot and sunny, the southern part of the USA is a better choice than the Southern part.
  • Healthcare facilities – This factor is especially important if you are a senior. Check the hospitals in the city and their rates.
  • Proximity to friends and family – If you don’t want to be far away from people you love, then choose a city that is closer to them.
A scale for deciding between LA vs Miami .
Calculate everything before choosing your future home and take all factors into consideration

LA vs Miami – where to move?

Moving is a big part of life, but if you are having doubts about where to move and you have a hard time deciding, you need to research a lot. There are many differences between LA vs Miami and on the other hand, many same things. We compared these two large cities in the USA, so it will help you decide and learn something more.


The weather in Miami and Los Angeles is similar but not the same. They are both hot, but the humidity level during the summers in Miami is high, so you will be sweaty if spending to much time outside during the day. On the other hand, heat in Los Angeles is dry, so it is easier to handle, but it is hotter. Also, Miami is known for thunders and hurricanes which is not the case in LA.

Environment and lifestyle

Both of these cities have palm trees and beaches, but if you love mountains, LA is an option for you. If you want to have fun, nightclubs are great in both cities and both cities have a lot of restaurants. The difference is that people in LA eat healthier food and they generally exercise more. Miami lifestyle is similar to the LA lifestyle but the have different vibe.

A view of Miami.
Miami is a big city in Florida with amazing nightlife and nature


LA is a bigger city and it has more residents, of course. After all, Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the USA, but it doesn’t mean Miami is small. Miami culture is influenced by the Caribbean countries and has more Latin Americans and almost anyone knows Spanish. LA IS influenced by Mexican culture.

Job opportunities

If you are moving from LA to Miami because of a job offer, that’s great. Finding a job in LA and Miami is hard because the competition is very strong. It should be a problem to find a job in LA or Miami, but it depends on the industry where you want to work. The unemployment rate in LA is 4.6% and in Miami, it is 3.7%. Entertainment is one of the major industries in LA, while in Miami it is tourism.

A view of LA.
The entertainment industry is not the only one in LA, but yes, there are many actors and singers

Cost of living

And, one of the major differences and factors when deciding where to move, are the costs of living. Living in Los Angles is way more expensive. Transportation, rent, utilities, food, taxes, etc. Also, Florida does not have income taxes, while California has.

Hiring a moving company

After deciding where to move, it is time to organize your relocation. To Miami or Los Angeles, does not matter. The easiest and best solution is to hire a moving company to transport all your belongings. Finding the best long distance movers in Miami takes time because you must hire a reliable company. So, you need to start researching companies from LA and Miami (depending on where you re moving to).

Moving trucks on a highway.
Hire a moving company to transport all your household items fast and safe


Where you will move to depends on your lifestyle and expectations in life. The “battle” between LA vs Miami is also a battle between the west and east coast. If you will move on the long term, the stress level will be even higher. But when you know what you want in life it is easy to make a decision. Also, you can listen to other people’s experiences of living in LA and Miami and to visit these two cities.

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