How to move a fish tank?

So, you want to move, but you have a little buddy in a glass tank with you? Moving a fish tank can be challenging, especially if you have a large aquarium with plenty of fish inside. It is not like moving your other stuff, this one is bulky, fragile, sometimes heavy, and it has living things inside. So, how to move a fish tank? You just need to follow our few steps, and you will move your fish tank successfully!

How to move a fish tank – a guide

Moving a fish tank can be quite tricky since it is not just unplugging everything and you are ready to go. Sometimes, moving a fish tank can seem to be a little bit overwhelming, and this is why we can break the moving process into three parts – before, after, and during a move. So let’s begin with our first step.

Before the move

In this part, we are going to explore just what do you need to do before you move your fish. This is the part where you can create your moving checklist to ensure organized relocation.

Kid cleaning a fish tank.
Clean your fish tank properly.

Step one – gathering supplies

Before you even try to move your fish tank, you will need to gather some supplies first. Those supplies are not that expensive, and they are crucial in the transportation of a fish tank. You’ll need:

  • Plastic baggies
  • Tape
  • Plastic wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Siphon hose
  • Moving boxes
  • Insulating foam sheets
  • Large (five-gallon) bucket which is new and clean
  • And a fishnet

Step two – getting your fish ready

Before you move a fish tank, it is best not to feed your fish for a day or two before you arrive at your new destination. Don’t worry, fish can usually survive for a few weeks without food. If your move is under an hour away, and you have small fish, you can safely put them with your fishing net into plastic baggies, and move them that way.

If you have larger fish, and your move is further away, put your fish into buckets. Put the water out of the fish tank. Don’t move more than four fish in one bucket. Make sure that your buckets are clean and ready to use.

Step three – clean the fish tank

Unplug everything and carefully remove everything from the fish tank. Pack the plants in a bucket with water from the same fish tank. Clean your accessories dry, and put them into plastic wrap and paper.

Fish getting out of glass.
How to move a fish tank? It’s not so easy.

Step four – use the siphon hose

Drain water from the fish tank with a siphon hose. It is best to use the same water from the fish tank, so put that water into one bucket, and give it to Home Matters of VA for easier transportation. Using the same water will be easier for the fish.

Step five – packing your fish tank

It is best to put your dry fish tank into one box. But before that, pack it with plastic wrap. Use insulating foam to prevent it from tumbling around. And stuff the tank with paper or with foam. It is like packing glassware.

During and after the move

It is best to move a fish tank and transport your fish in your vehicle. Also, tank water and other stuff you can easily give to moving company. After you have arrived at your new home, repeat the process backward.

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