How to make a move from Florida to New Hampshire a breeze

A woman with a suitcase ready for a move from Florida to New Hampshire

We will help you to make a move from Florida to New Hampshire a breeze. Not all relocation needs to be stressful and messy. If you plan your move on time and plan everything right it will be easy. That’s why we are here. To show you how to do it, and of course who can help you along the way. The right kind of help is the key when it comes to relocation. Doing everything on your own is what makes relocations so stressful and messy. Don’t worry, we will show you how to do it even if you are in a bit of a time crunch. So, relax and read on!

Organizational skills

You don’t have to have some astonishing organizational skills to do this right. You can simply download the apps for that now! Thanks to modern technology we can all have a small assistant in our back pocket with the best organizational skills. Moving apps are all the rage nowadays for people who need help with packing and moving. They can help you with many aspects especially if you are in a rush. Also, they have reminders, alarms, checklists and can even find you some good movers near you. Most of the good moving apps are free to use so really there is no downside of downloading a few to try them out.

A woman using a mobile phone to browse the internet and find a way to organize a move from Florida to New Hampshire
Having a moving app can help you to remember everything.

Preparations for your move from Florida to New Hampshire

Marie Kondo (Konmari) can pack in a few hours. Do you know why is that? Because all she ever does is declutter. Decluttering is a way to get rid of all the unnecessary items you own and don’t use. But, also it’s a great way to do the preparations for packing.  Packing will be much easier if you have fewer items to pack and after all do you really need all the things you have in your home now? Probably not. If you sell some of the items you no longer need (there is an app for that too!) you can even earn some money in the process. Of course, you can also donate or recycle. Whatever you think is right. Those are your belongings, after all, you alone will know what’s best with them.

Moving with kids

If you have kids (and they are still young) you need to prepare even more. Kids are like that. They are the most amazing creatures in the whole world but they require a whole lot of work. If the kids are above the age of four you should include them in this relocation. It doesn’t have to be anything big but it’s smart to make them feel appreciated and included. Maybe they can pack their toys or fold their clothes? Any small task will do here, and you can do the rest. People with kids (especially ones with babies) usually hire reliable state-to-state movers like to help them with relocation. After all hiring professional movers are the only way to make relocation hassle-free. That is often necessary if you have kids to take care of.

packing for relocation
Make kids feel included in the packing process.

Let’s cover the pets too

Pets are family members too! If you plan to move with your pet/pets you need to prepare them as well. A quick trip to their vet is a way to go. Talk about pet transportation, anti-sickness meds, and make sure that all the vaccines are up to date. Having an extra checkup will be good for your pet.

10 useful tips for packing

  1. Declutter before you start packing
  2. Download some packing apps
  3. Make checklists
  4. Prepare your packing material before you start
  5. Consider renting plastic bins instead of buying moving boxes (it’s better for the environment and they are very sturdy)
  6. Pack fragile and small items first and work your way up
  7. Pack by room
  8. Find a good system for labeling
  9. Label all boxes to make unpacking easier
  10. Make a plan for unpacking

Hiring professional movers is the best way if you have to move in a hurry

We already mentioned hiring professional movers. If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for your upcoming relocation you should leave transport to professionals. They have the experience necessary to make just about any move in no time. They are trained in heavy lifting and can help with logistics. All you need to do is call them, set the date, see all the additional services they are offering and relax. The rest will be done by professionals. Many people do relocations like this. This is a great way to make your move from Florida to New Hampshire a breeze. If you have any concerns or questions you should call them and surely they will gladly explain all the little details you need to know.

Movers can help you with packing too!

Moving day preparations

Moving day is usually the most hectic one. You are spinning, trying to figure out if you forgot something and if everything is in order. Chances are – everything is just fine you are just panicking. That’s pretty normal. Almost everyone feels this way when relocation approaches. Don’t stay up late the night before and eat your breakfast. That will make you feel much better and focused.

Be prepared

Being prepared for this day is also important. We are not talking about whether you packed all moving boxes or prepared your furniture for this day. We are talking about preparing you and your kids if you are traveling with them. The way to do that is by packing a bag specifically for the purpose of making moving day easier. This bag should include some basic items you need for the road like meds if you use any, documents that you need at hand, food, snack, drinks, keys, wet wipes, gel sanitizer for hands, mask, portable charger for your phone, and similar items that can be of use on the road. You know your family the best and will know what you need on the road.

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