How to avoid injuries while moving home

avoid injuries while moving

Would you like to make your move stress-free and save some energy during the moving process? Well, if you keep reading you might find some useful tips and tricks for your safe relocation. Take a look at the following guide and avoid injuries while moving home.

Learn how to pack and lift boxes like a pro

pack like a pro
Keep your back straight while packing and carrying moving boxes

Anyone who tried to pack an entire home by themselves knows how exhausting it can be. Besides taking care of the entire family during the moving process, you need to get all the packing materials and moving boxes. After you manage to do that, there is the process of sorting out and decluttering your home. If you think it would be wise to skip this part of the packing process, you might be wrong. If you sort out your belongings you will have fewer moving boxes to carry to the truck. 

After you decide on the things you want to pack, you should concentrate on the different sizes of moving boxes. The best thing you can do is to pack lighter items into bigger boxes. For example, you can pack bed linen, pillows, and blankets together. This way the moving box will not be too heavy to move and carry so you will avoid injuries while moving. On the other hand, you could try to secure heavier and fragile items and put them in smaller boxes. After all, items made of glass should be easy for transportation, if you want to avoid any injuries.

Use safety materials for securing your belongings

packing safely
The safety of your belongings is important, too

During the move, lifting heavy boxes is not the only hard part of the job. Some of the items from your home might be too fragile to safely transport. If you have them, make sure to buy the best quality packing materials in order to avoid cuts and bruises. Soft and fluffy materials are perfect for securing such items. If you have old kitchen cloths and towels, they could serve this purpose. 

For packing and transporting heavy furniture pieces, safety straps are highly recommended. The process is simple – wrap a furniture piece into a plastic wrap and secure it with high-quality straps. In the end, you can use an old blanket to put under the furniture piece. This way you can drag your sofa without damaging the floors or injuring your back.

Let professional movers take care of heavy furniture

In the end, it’s always easier to let professional movers do all the hard work. If you have a big house to move abroad, it can be very difficult to manage the relocation by yourself and avoid injuries while moving. Keep in mind that movers know the exact order of packing into moving boxes. Also, movers are trained to lift and carry heavy items without straining their backs. Make sure to start looking for professional help on time and don’t forget to check their recommendations online. If you are moving your home to Brazil, you can check out a reliable moving company on and relocate with ease.

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