Guide to moving back in with your parents

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Moving back in with your parents is not an unusual thing to do. There are many reasons for that. Some people move back with their parents to help them out, some to save money. Some are doing it for kids. All the reasons are valid and this can also be a good thing but there is something you should do differently now that you are an adult to avoid any uncomfortable scenes.

Set your boundaries

This is important for everybody. Talk openly and calmly about this. Tell them openly what you need and let them tell you their rules and you can make compromises that work well for everybody. It’s good to respect everybody’s wishes.

Aa person over papers calculating moving back in with your parents
Talk openly about the budget when moving back in with your parents.


Talk about budget

This is something you also need to talk about when you move back with your parents. You will be sharing utilities, food, etc so talk about how you will set this. When this is all settled you will have no reason to fight about it.

Moving back to your old room

You may be moving back into your old room. If this is the case you should make some adjustments. You won’t like it now that you are an adult, so adjust it to your needs and wishes. Start with getting rid of all the unnecessary items in your room. You can donate something, or sell online. After that, you can put on a coat of fresh paint to make the room look cozier and then you can decorate it to your wish. Get rid of the old bed and invest in a new one. Good night’s sleep is priceless after all.

moving back to old bedroom
There is no need to keep your room the way it was, remodel it to your new liking.

Finding the room for your household items

Talk to your parents about decluttering your place. By getting rid of household items they don’t need, you will get some extra space for your things. If that is not an option you can find a good storage space to keep your belongings near you. Think about climate-controlled storage space if you are storing furniture or electronics and finding affordable moving assistance on time.

Exploring the old neighborhood

When moving back in with your parents take the time to reconnect with your old friends, meet some new ones too. Find some new places in your old neighborhood. Socializing is very important. You will be living here for some time so why not give it your best to have a good experience. Moving back can be exciting too. Reconnecting with old friends can also be a great thing. So as soon as you unpack and finish the most basic things around the house you can start by exploring your old neighborhood. Your friends will surely be glad to show you around and tell you what you missed since you have been gone. Good luck with your upcoming relocation and remember to take your time to adapt to new and yet old surroundings.

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