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You’ve decided to make a change by moving to Miami. Good choice! You have a hard and stressful journey ahead, but the prize awaits at the end. Whether you are moving your business or your entire home, you need to make sure it is done the right way. You can never go wrong by hiring professional movers, but how to pick the right one? This article will be packed with useful information on how to recognize the characteristics of a good moving company services.

Pros and cons of hiring a moving company

Before you decide to hire professionals, check what they offer. Are you able to move without them or they represent a necessity? Let’s find out!


It can be expensive! Be ready to say goodbye to a couple hundred dollars, at least! Consider the number of your possessions. If you do not own large or heavy items, you might decide not to hire professionals. You can always find friends that will help you out for free, and you might have a fun time packing your stuff together. You will save money! Another thing to consider is that you don’t have all the control. Your possessions are in the hands of strangers. They are professionals, but if you are going to lose sleep over it better do it on your own.


Quality and speed are guaranteed. You might need a day or two to pack and move, they can do it in a couple hours! If you work, you will not have a lot of time to do everything on your own. Save yourself from injuries and low back pain and let them do the heavy lifting. You can spend more time with your friends instead or prepare for your new home. And finally, let’s face it. You chose professionals! They will know how to pack your belongings efficiently and keep them safe during your move. You will pay for the services they provide, but it is worth it.

To sum up:

  1. Good moving company services – no hassle
  2. Save time and strength – let professionals do their job
  3. A stress-free move – you are in good hands
good moving company services
Make the correct choice for your future

What are you looking for?

The nature of your transition is what defines your needs. Whether you need to move locally or across state lines or even abroad or overseas, good moving company services will deliver. If you plan to move your business, check if they manage employee relocation. Better companies offer storage units or track rental if you want to plan a do-it-yourself move.

Good moving company services

A good moving company offers in-house consultants. They will help you plan and organize your move and present a full plan for you.

You might also need special crates or box delivery prior to your move. Let them disassemble and reassemble your furniture, even electronic devices.

Leave packing and unpacking to the professionals. If your home is not ready for a move-in, check if they offer storage services.

Extra services

There are some additional services that a good moving company might offer but have in mind that it might cost a couple dollars more.

They can carry your possessions if the moving truck cannot access entrance to your place. If you don’t have an elevator in your building, they can carry boxes up and down the stairs or use specialized equipment to set up a rope-and-pulley rigging system and carry out your belongings through a window.

You might also need to ship items to different locations or schedule a re-delivery if you are not able to receive your shipment on the agreed date and time.

If the moving company does not own storage units, they may provide services of third-party companies.

Moving deposit

This is an important topic to discuss. Most of the moving companies ask for a down payment, but is this a part of good moving company services? This is how moving companies to cut profit loss in cases of cancellation or changes. What you should look for is:

  • Is the deposit fee reasonable?
  • What is the cancellation time frame?
  • How much is the provision for getting your money back in case of cancellation?

Most companies have different deposit fees and cancellation time frame. Prices go up during the busiest months. In certain parts of the country a down payment is as a must, so check moving companies in Miami online, you might find what you are looking for.

How deep is your wallet?

This all sounds wonderful but be aware that it costs money. While hiring a good moving company will make everything easy and fast, you must know how to look for hidden prices that will double your bill.

Calculator and a notebook
Calculate your expenses

Packaging material

Don’t overlook packing boxes, the material is not cheap and they need a lot of it. See if you can have them pack some items together to save on packaging material and the number of used boxes.

Express delivery

If you are in a hurry, you can pay more for a faster delivery, but be sure to check the prices before scheduling a sooner date.

Storage units

Storing your items is often helpful. Moving companies calculate fees based on the time you use the unit, do whatever it takes to shorten that period. Store some boxes at your friend’s house rather than renting expensive storage units.


If there is a change of plan and you need to cancel any service they provided, you might lose your deposit. Make sure that you are familiar with the cancellation policy. Know beforehand what will be the outcome if you need to re-schedule a new date.

Damage insurance

This is a great way to secure your possessions during a move, don’t forget to check with the moving company you chose what insurance plans they offer. In most cases moving companies offer a basic plan. The evaluation per pound per item is 60 cents, so calculate coverage for insured items. Based on this you might want to consider a Full Value Protection for your possessions.

Piggy bank
Think smart – save money

Moving company license

It is a smart decision to check if the moving company you chose is legit. All companies have to follow regulations and standards of The Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There are a lot of scammers, so the best way to protect your belongings is to hire registered companies. Check the FMCSA website to see the credentials and licenses of all legit moving companies.

Now you know how to recognize quality

Now you have all that you need to recognize a good moving company services. Start planning, put it on a paper. One last advice is to do your research before you spend your money away. Good luck!


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