How to choose reliable movers in Miami?

A guide for finding reliable movers in Miami

Moving to Miami or moving from Miami requires preparation and organization. One of the tasks to solve is choosing and hiring a moving company to help you move. To find reliable movers in Miami, a simple guide may follow. Yes, Miami has a lot of companies that may help you, but you deserve only the best of them. All of your belongings will be in their hands, it is a big deal.

If you want a stress-free relocation and want to find perfect company, but you don’t where to start, we can help. So, don’t waste your time and organize all the tasks.

A view of Mimi at night.
Miami is a big city, where you will find plenty of companies, but you should choose the best one for you and your next relocation.

Tips to choose reliable movers in Miami

To find and choose a mover with ease, having some simple tips is useful. It is not easy to pick one of a hundred different movers in Miami area. By following these steps below, your relocation is going to be smooth. Recognize characteristics of a good mover in Miami and you won’t make moving mistakes.

Loading boxes into a van.
To avoid moving by yourself or having a bad moving company, find a reliable one and move with ease.

Get referrals and recommendations

Where to start when looking for a moving company? Well, the first step to take is to ask your friends and co-workers for a recommendation. If they just moved to Miami or moved from Miami, they probably know good companies. Also, if you hired a real estate agents, he/she knows moving companies that are experienced and reliable. It is less stressful to hire a company that someone you know hired before.

Ask for an in-home estimate

When you decide to move out of FL, distance is not the only factor that affects moving costs. You will get the most accurate costs only if the company estimate your items in person. The size and weight. Choose a couple of Miami movers (three is enough) and compare their bids. They should be similar. A reliable company won’t have hidden fees and taxes. Everything will be in the contract, so you will know the costs in advance. If a company can’t give you an in-home estimate, it may be a red flag.

Packers are packing items into a box.
Many people underestimate the number of items they have to relocate to a new address, so an in-home estimate is essential.

Check the company’s license and insurance

Don’t hire a company that doesn’t have license and insurance. All reliable movers in Miami have a certificate and US DOT number. You can check that online on the Department of Transportation website. If the company is in FMCSA’s database, there are huge chances the company is reliable and that you don’t have reasons to worry about your household items or being scammed. To deal with moving stress with ease, only a reliable and reputable company may help you stay calm.

Search for online moving reviews

Pick moving companies that you liked and check the reviews from the past clients. But, make sure to recognize fake online moving reviews. Search on social media, BBB, yelp, etc. If a company has only good comments, it may be fake because nothing is perfect. A few bad reviews are normal, but only if there are just a couple of them. Also, pay attention to date od posting the review. Fake reviews are in most cases written on the same day. 

Verify the address

Ask for a business card, check the address on yellow pages and check online too. Company’s address must be listed and registered by the company’s name, without exemptions. If the moving company you want to hire have multiple addresses or they change the address too often, something is going on. In that case, you should avoid hiring that company and continue searching.

Location icon.
One company – one address. It is that simple

Common moving scams

To avoid moving scams, you should first know what are the common moving scams, and how you can be scammed. The best protection is a well-informed consumer. In the USA, more than 50 million people are moving. Most of the moves go smoothly, but some of them, unfortunately not.

  • If a mover doesn’t insist on an online and in-home estimate, it is one of the red flags. Moving company home surveys will give you the most accurate moving costs.
  • Pay attention to an estimator when he/she come to your home. If it is a quick walk-through, it is not a good sign. An estimator should open your cabinets, see all the items you want to move, take an inventory, etc.
  • Reliable movers in Miami won’t ask for a large deposit or payment before moving day. And when you do pay, use a credit card.
  • If a company changes the name constantly, don’t hire them. Also, when they answer the phone, they should say the full company’s name first.
  • Hiring packing services is a good option if you don’t have time to pack or don’t know how. But, some movers will give you over-inflated prices for boxes plus to charge you a lot for time and labor.
  • Extra fees are another way to get scammed. For example, a company will charge you if you are moving items to the 8th floor and not inform you in advance about costs.
A view of Miami.
Scammers can be found everywhere, not only in a city such as Miami. Learn how to recognize them.

You will find various reliable movers in Miami for your next relocation, so pick a few of them and then compare them. Compare their costs, experience, services, etc. As soon as you find out about moving, start searching for a mover. Book a company early and get the best deal.


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