Can you afford to live in Florida?

A sunset at a beach in Florida.

Can you afford to live in Florida? This is a question that refers mainly to the cost of living which your family budget has to cover. Costs of living mainly include food, housing, and clothes. Balancing these in the State of Florida can be difficult. Deal with some serious calculations and make sure you can handle all these costs. Only then should you get down to organizing the process of relocation and look for respectable movers to assist you. Living in Florida is a great privilege, by all means, but it is essential to know your financial limits as well.  

Choose a city you want to live in Florida

So, the decision was made! Florida! You have to look for a city in Florida that is the most affordable to live in. If you do just a little research on the internet, you will surely find several different lists of Florida’s top places to live. It’s just a sign that choosing a place to live in Florida is not about trusting someone’s thoughts but dedicating time to thorough research. These cities are good, each in their way, but the priorities are different. Some people care about the cost of living, some about having fun, some about sports, or some club, beach, or weather conditions, closeness to healthcare facilities, etc … so everyone makes a list according to their priorities.

A house with a porch, lawn, and garage next to it as a perfect choice when you decide to live in Florida.
There is a way to afford to live in Florida.

Some data to help you understand whether you can afford to live in Florida

It is immeasurably important to compare your family budget with the expenses of living in a particular place. Generally speaking, this is an overview of the costs that await you in Florida:

  • Overall, living costs are 10.9% higher in Florida than in the USA
  • Grocery costs are 1.5% higher in Florida
  • Health costs are 2.2% lower in Florida
  • Housing costs are 18.7% higher in Florida
  • Median Home Cost is $225,200 in Florida and $ 219,700 in the USA
  • Utility costs are 1.3% higher in Florida
  • Transportation costs are 30% higher in Florida
  • Miscellaneous costs are 3.1% lower in Florida

Try to find a place for your family and you

As you can see the cost of living is up by almost 11%. However, we believe these costs are not too high concerning what you get when living in Florida. So, you think about moving there. Choose a city by yourself, because each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages, so you are the only one who can make a decision. Think about finding a reliable moving company. One of them could be since their reputation speaks volumes about the quality of service they provide.

If you have already chosen a place to live, make a relocation plan and get organized because moving is not an easy job to do. Someone said that one minute of planning saves three minutes of realization. So, don’t neglect planning and start on time to avoid stress. 

Move and then enjoy

When choosing a place to live in Florida, your options are countless. If you choose Pembroke Pines for your next home location, for example, you can get movers’ help before you relocate to Pembroke Pines! On the other hand, there are those who prefer more lively and busier places. While the prices may be higher, opportunities at your disposal for earning a living are much more numerous. So, if you would rather go to a larger city like Miami or something similar, do not hesitate if you can afford it. Move and then enjoy. Living in one of the best cities in Miami Dade County will provide you with an extraordinary experience.

A beach in Miami which makes you wish to live in Florida;
Miami Beach is one of the symbols of Florida.

Life is made up of details

Sometimes the details make life beautiful or bad. There are checks and statistics which claim that living in some parts of Florida is a genuine blessing. Similarly, there are those who face with the proximity to a city dump, or mosquitoes, termites, some hidden administrative fuss, an unpopular neighborhood or whatever. Bear all these in mind when choosing a place to live.

Small illustration about the details you may not expect

Somehow, a very messy and dirty family lived next door to a Ph.D. professor at a reputable university who had exactly the same house, of course, extremely tidy. Once, the heads of the families met near a community fence and talked about the prices of their houses. It turns out that this messy neighbor can get double the price for his messy house. This professor asks him, “Well, how’s that possible man?” This one answered him: “What will you say when you are asked about your first neighbor… and what will I say”?

Disneyland towers and the crowd around them.
Disneyland is unavoidable if you just visit Florida. Even more, if you live in Florida.

Consult your family, even the youngest member

Well, the question of whether you can afford to live in Florida, is very personal, and answers are hard to find outside yourself! You can seek like a prince who was looking for his princess in a fairytale. You can find the place you’ve dreamed about, and you can find out that it is much better than you have expected, and you will be pleased and joyful. But if you are not so happy it can be different. So, you must consult your family members more, even those who are the youngest. More pairs of eyes see better than one pair of eyes. Look for the details, and they’ll pop up when you least expect them. You have to be patient and especially beware of eager sellers.

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