Best apartment-hunting apps for finding an apartment in Miami

A man browsing the internet to find out all about the best apartment-hunting apps for finding an apartment in Miami.

Whenever you need to relocate you are faced with the same problem. You must find an apartment to lease. The whole process may be too difficult and overwhelming. Basically, you must start searching through apartment listings and searching through some dubious websites or craigslist. Your search may be too much to handle with the diverse offering on the market. However, the development of technology has made things a lot simpler, easier, and faster. There are certain smartphone apps that can make your apartment search easier wherever you are. If you are searching for an apartment in Miami these apps can help you. So, here we will sift through the best apartment-hunting apps for finding an apartment!

Apartment-hunting apps, why use them?

Using new smartphone apps is the next level in apartment hunting. They are the latest help that can make your search more efficient and fast. This is important when you need to be quick about it and snatch your place before someone else. These apps are made for speed as they can present all of the relevant data you need when looking for an apartment. First, they offer a wide pallet of apartments for rent from different sources. They also provide many details, information, and even pictures that can help you make your decision. In this way, they can easily initiate a relocation to your new place that is easy, fast, and convenient before you know it.

Miami at night
Looking for an apartment in Miami is easy with apartment-hunting apps

Today, the best apartment-hunting apps are developing fast. Competition in the online apartment listing industry is fierce making companies compete to provide the best service to their customers. Apps today offer more accurate and up to date information, better search options, and more diverse information, like landlord finances, you need when deciding. All of this is available at your fingertip, at a moment’s notice and when it’s convenient for you. This makes it easy to search for an apartment at any time an place and no matter what else you are doing at the time. Let’s be clear, Authority Moving Group and other companies can provide you with the same service but the apps are more convenient for personal use.

What are the best apartment-hunting apps?

There are multiple apartment hunting apps that you can find on the market. They are readily available for free on many different platforms from IOS, Android to PC. At the same time, they are useful everywhere. Most cover the entire US apartment market. This makes it easy to search wherever you are and if you are new, moving to Miami for the first time. Miami, NYC, Denver, or LA you will find these apps useful. So, here are some of the best apartment-hunting apps out there:

  • Zillow rentals
  • Trulia
  • Zumper
  • Apartment finder
  • Hotpads
  • RadPad
  • Apartments by apartment guide

    person using an IPad to find out all about the best apartment-hunting apps for finding an apartment in Miami
    The whole market is at your fingertips

Zillow rentals

Any list of best apartment hunting apps must start with Zillow Rentals. This app offers more than 400.00 listings from all over the US. besides that, it offers an ability to do different searches and filtering of the offer to suit your needs. You can search or filter out by pet, policy, on-site parking, or laundry unit availability. You can save searches at your convenience. At the same time, you can also apply for an apartment through the app and automatic pay rent. In addition, you can also do a background history of the landlord.


Trulia offers a possibility to start direct contact with the property manager. It allows you to streamline your inquiries in one click. Direct contact allows you to get information without filling forms or searching for the number.

Apartments give you the opportunity to have a 3D look of the apartment. You can see and search all of the amenities that are offers and take a look at the fees. It also allows you to see real-time availability of the apartments on the map

Looking at model houses through a magnifying glass
Do not do it manually, do it trough searches wherever you are


Zumper handles the inventory of more than a million apartments in the US. You can set it up to get info if the type of place that you are looking for gets listed. You can submit an application online and check a credit report of the owner. In major markets, you can book a tour and make an offer.


The Realtor also provides information if the apartment becomes vacant. it also provides a visual map of the available apartments and the directions to get there. The app makes it easy to get in touch with the agent with one tap.

Apartment finder

The apartment finder gives you the opportunity to search and find a budget-friendly offer. You can find the best deal that can fit in your budget. You can also search for short-term housing, also apartments that accept vouchers, and so on.

Hot Pads

Hot pads have listings from all over the country but it is primarily focused on big cities. It offers detailed information on the neighborhoods, schools nearby, walkability, and amenities in the neighborhood. You can get a feel for the area. Also, you can search other hot listing based on the search criteria from other users.


RadPad handles listings fro all over the country. It helps you search for an apartment and offers the rent payment service trough the app.

The app lets you book a tour of apartments that you are interested in. The app makes surveys and prepares reviews and statistics of the apartment that you can use when deciding.

Apartments by apartment guide

This app is a visual aid that helps you research apartments. The app is rich in photographs of apartments for lease. it also provides floor plan images of the apartments you have an interest fore. You are even able to forward your findings to other people for consultation and advice.

Furnished apartment
You will settle in in no time when you try some of the apartment-hunting apps

So, technological development changed every aspect of our lives. The moving and renting industry is no exception. Today’s apps offer precious help and assistance in finding apartments for rent. Their predominant characteristic is that they are convenient, fast, and flexible. They provide endless information and search possibilities. So, if you are apartment-hunting give them a try, its free, easy, and fast.

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