All you need to know about moving company home surveys

Moving company home surveys and packing items in boxes

It is time to move and whether you’re moving a long or short distance, there are some things you should learn before the relocation process will start. One of the things to research when considering hiring a mover is to check info about the home survey. What is important to know about moving company home surveys and how to prepare? Why is very important to have this service before moving? There are a lot of questions that need answers, in order to have a successful, stress-free, and easy relocation.

What is moving company home surveys?

First of all, you should know what is exactly a home survey. It is a process that will provide you accurate moving costs for the international move. It is the simplest explanation you can get.

For example, you need to ship your household items to another country, such as clothing, dishes, furniture, decorations, books, etc. So, a company should send an estimator who will estimate all the items. The costs are (in most cases) one of the major concerns when moving. Having the exact price will help you organize the move better.

Before a company representative comes to do an estimate, declutter your home and separate items you want to ship (or store). A person will have an electronic device with a special program which will calculate the weight and size of the items. Or, if it is a smaller company, a pen and paper will work too (slower, but it doesn’t mean it is bad). Also, an estimator will pay attention do you have special items for moving such a hot tube or piano and obstacles, for example, stairs.

Writing Inventory
A company will take the inventory off all the items you have to move

The costs of a moving company survey

Will you pay for moving company home surveys? Any reliable and reputable mover will do it for FREE. It is part of their business and if they want to charge you for that service, you should probably avoid a company. It may be a scam. Also, if a company won’t do an in-home estimate (just an estimate over the phone or online), it is one of the red flags.

On what to pay attention during home surveys

How to be sure that a company is good and that you can trust them? How to recognize a reliable mover and on what to pay attention? Luckily, you can find out a lot, just if you pay attention to details during the home survey. Moving and packing supplies is not easy, and it brings a lot of worries, that’s why you should be prepared. This is how.

  • If the representative shows up on time, it is the first good sign. 5 or 10 minutes is not a problem (traffic jam, searching for your street and home, etc.), but more than 15-20 minutes is a red flag.
  • Company’s representative should be polite and professional. Moving company home surveys are sometimes very stressful for people that are moving, so being rude will just make the situation worse.
  • Also,  the representative should have all the answers about the company and relocation process. If he/she doesn’t know the answers, calling a co-worker will solve the problem.
  • The estimate must be detailed. That means entering in every room and taking a detailed inventory of all the items, even the smallest.
  • The estimate a company will give you should include everything. Not only the size and weight of your items but also, circumstances around, such as moving special items. When relocating your piano becomes necessary, you should be able to know the exact price of relocating with all additional fees.
A moving truck with household items
Moving your house is a big deal, so plan each step in advance and hire a good moving company to help you

What about a home survey over the phone?

When is O.K. to have a moving home survey over the phone? Is it possible? We said before that it should be in person, but sometimes it is possible to do it over the phone? For example, if you need to move a studio apartment with fewer items. You will list all the items to the representative and the job will be done. But, it is always a better option to do it in person.

Prepare questions for a moving company

To prepare for a home survey, you should prepare some question in advance. Besides knowing what you will move to your new home, you will probably have a lot of questions to ask. Some of the most usual questions people ask are:

  • Are there any items movers won’t move? Forbidden items, hazardous, etc.
  • Is insurance included in the price or is it available?
  • Do you need to pay more for packing materials (boxes, wrapping paper…), and how much?
  • What about terminal handling charges?
  • Does the quote include custom clearance and paperwork, or not?
  • If you want to have just one container, how much items you will need to leave and not to move?

Of course, each person will have different questions, but these were just some of them. If you have any doubt, be free to ask, it doesn’t cost anything.

Moving Boxes
Ask ho much the boxes will cost, and how much material do you need for all the items

Searching for moving company home surveys

If you didn’t choose a moving company yet, be fast and book a company as soon as you find out you are moving. A home survey is just one of the services, a company will offer. Get recommendations and search online, in order to find the best company for your next relocation. One of the websites you should research is and consider hiring them. A home survey should be booked about 3 or 4 weeks before a final move day.


Moving company home surveys are an essential step for you to get accurate costs of the relocation. Book a move and schedule the estimate with the company’s representative. This way you will be able to get all the information about moving, shipping, and packing items.


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