5 reasons why you should move to Aventura

A view at the beach at sunrise.

Florida is one of the most popular moving destinations in America. This is because living in Florida comes with a lot of advantages. No state income tax, nice weather, laid back lifestyle. All these things and many others attract people to Florida. Aventura is a city located north of Miami and a lot of people have been moving to Aventura for plenty of reasons. We decided to tell you 5 reasons why you should move to Aventura this year. Whether you are a student, a young professional, a parent, or a retiree, you’ll find that living in Aventura is the best thing for you.

1. It is a coastal town

If you are moving to Florida, big chances are that you are moving there because you want to live as near to the beach as possible. That’s exactly what Aventura has to offer. Aventura is a coastal city. And it is a suburban city. This means that there are not a lot of tourists. Beaches with a lot of tourists tend to get dirty because of so many people. This is not something you are going to see in Aventura. Aventura’s beaches are clean. You’ll be able to enjoy these white sandy beaches in peace. There’s also plenty of bars and restaurants by the beach which definitely make a perfect place for relaxing after a long day at work.

Because you are going to be living so close to the beach, you will be able to participate actively in plenty of water activities whenever you want. You can choose from surfing, diving, swimming, and many others. This is also great for people with children because most children love spending time at the beach and doing these things. And if you are moving for retirement, these beaches are where you’ll be spending most of your time.

A Miami beach.
Living near the beach comes with a lot of pros.

2. Great schools

One of many things Aventura can be proud of is its schools. Aventura has a 10/10 score from the Great Schools Rating. And there’s plenty of them. For parents, their children’s education is one of the most important things. This is exactly why so many people with small children have been moving to Aventura lately. One of the best schools in Aventura is the Aventura City of Excellence School.

But it’s not just that there are great schools in the city, the city itself also values education. Around half of the population of Aventura are college graduates, and more than 90% finish high school. This is just extra motivation for young children. Growing up in such surroundings can only be a big plus. So if you want to move to Aventura before the next school year starts, find professionals you can trust and relocate.

A teacher in a classroom giving a lecture to his students.
Education is very important.

3. Plenty of entertainment options

If you are someone who likes having a lot of fun in a lot of different ways, you should move to Aventura. Aventura offers plenty of entertainment options. You can choose from dozens of indoor and outdoor activities. Aventura is known for having a lot of parks and greenery which make a perfect place for children to run around and for family picnics. There’s also plenty of coffee shops, libraries, and movie theaters. If all this so far sounds like something you are looking for, Miami Movers for Less will help you relocate to Aventura in no time.

If you like to stay fit and you do it as a form of fun, you’re in luck! Aventura has plenty of fitness centers too. You can also do plenty of outdoor sports. Volleyball, golfing, jogging, swimming. You have so many options to choose from. So if you were wondering whether you should move to Aventura, we say you should. It is definitely going to motivate you to be active.

Beach fun you will enjoy when you move to Aventura.
You can find something fun to do at every corner in Aventura.

4. Aventura is very diverse

No matter where you are from, Aventura is going to welcome you with its arms wide open. Here you will be able to meet new friends after moving in no time. It is exactly why this place is so diverse. People from all over the country and even the world live here. Living in diverse surroundings is very important, especially for young children. This way they are going to be able to get familiar with lots of different cultures from all over the world. This diversity also makes Aventura very unique. You’ll be able to try foods from all over the world here because a lot of people in Aventura own small food shops and restaurants.

5. It is clean and safe

The last but not the least important reason why you should move to Aventura is the fact that this city is very clean. People here take care of their surroundings. And as there’s a lot of parks and greenery in the city, it looks even cleaner. People here recycle. Beaches near Aventura are also very clean which sets them apart from other beaches.

Not only is it clean but it is also safe. Safety is very important especially if you have children. And even if you don’t, you are going to feel much better if you are living somewhere where you don’t have to worry about your safety. This creates a very laid back feeling in the city which is what we love so much about it. You should move to Aventura because Aventura truly is suitable for everyone and anyone who wishes to live here and it’s one of the top places to live in Miami-Dade county. But you should hurry because homes are selling very fast because Aventura is becoming more and more popular.

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