So, you want to move to Miami?

The pros and cons of living in Miami, Florida

So, you’re considering moving to Florida, then? Miami, more specifically. So, besides the celebrities and the Miami Vice, we’re hopefully going to give you some more reasons to consider moving this city up to the top of your list of possible future settlements. Though, this post won’t be about everything positive which you should consider before a move to Miami, but also about some realistic problems which you might face while living there. So, shall we begin with the obvious:

Pros of a move to Miami:

As you’ll find out after a relocation to this city, the beaches are what one dreams about

If your ideal vacation is a calm day in the sun, with a cool breeze on your skin, white sand between your toes and the ocean at your feet, Miami has got you covered. This city has one of the best beaches in the world, as you’ll be able to see after your move. The first you should know about Miami is that exercising is one of the most natural things here. After a move to the coast, you’ll find yourself feeling strange unless you have done at least one healthy thing in order to keep your body in shape. And we don’t mean just a single class of yoga or Pilates. Miami has numerous options which you should explore after your move.

A fan of beach volleyball? Check. There are various games and competition on different beaches which you shall definitely enjoy after your move. More of a swimmer? Enjoy the beach, and, occasionally an outdoor or indoor pool. You’ll find plenty of them after you move. In case you are moving to Miami with a pet, you will find plenty of pet-friendly beaches to enjoy. And if, in the end, you’d prefer a party when the sun goes down, be sure to check out the South Beach after your move.

The next thing which is definitely a pro of a move to Miami is the weather

As soon as winter comes and the snow covers every surface and you begin putting on layers on top of layers, while slipping in the sludge, you start dreaming about living on Bora Bora? Well, Miami comes pretty close. During the winter, you will need a hoodie or a scarf, and you are set. So, if you’ve decided on a move to Miami, prepare to leave behind all of your coats. Take an umbrella, though, as the only thing which could ever disrupt a perfect day of sunshine in Miami is a bit of rain.

If amazing Latin American food isn’t a reason to move to Miami, then what is?

Let us begin by telling you that you will, after a move to Miami, stop considering Taco Bell Mexican food. After all, this city isn’t called the ‘Capital of Latin America’ for nothing. A relocation to this city will mean exploring the various cuisine which comes from all over. So, be sure to check out the numerous Cuban, Columbian, Puerto Rican and other restaurants. In case you’re wondering if we have a tip which will help you find the best place to eat after your change of address, we’d suggest checking out one of the various food stalls. Here’s the trick, the longer the line, the better the food.

Cons of a move to Miami:

A move to Miami would mean succumbing to the hectic traffic

All the legends of the incredibly terrible traffic and long waiting on your way to work are, unfortunately, true. There are plenty of people living in Miami, over four hundred thousand, who all leave for work and come home from work at a roughly same time. So, a move to Miami would definitely mean forgoing a long drive to work. Luckily, we have a solution for this problem. If you decide to relocate to Miami, we’d suggest finding a home close to your place of work. This will solve the problem of getting stuck in morning and afternoon traffic jams.

After a move to Miami you’ll realize that hot weather has two sides of a coin

As good as the idea of eternal summer is, at some point, you will realize that sunshine 24/7 means something entirely else. You will get a sunburn after your move, and not just one. Unless you have an AC in your car, home and at work, you will realize just how troublesome the constant heat can be as you’re trying to complete your daily routine. And, if all of this isn’t enough, just imagine doing your job after a relocation while sweating buckets. Thought of a solution for this as well. Miami is mostly very humid as soon as you enter the city, so we’d suggest attempting to find your housing close to the beach. That way, after your move, even in the hottest months, you’ll have the breeze from the ocean to carry away the troublesome humidity and bring some fresh air. As for the heat in general, we suggest getting an AC.

You’ll somehow spend all of your money faster after a relocation to Miami

While a lot of people might find living in Miami a bit too expensive, if you take into account the income after you start a job in the city, you will see that the housing won’t be too big of an issue. Of course, when choosing the new home before you move, you should take a look at different neighborhoods, as they will have varying property prices. After all, if you want an ocean view, you will have to pay as much as anywhere else. If you compare the prices of food, utilities and other services to anywhere else in the USA, they are quite similar, so you won’t have to worry about those rising too much after your move.

But, here is the actual way that your money will vanish on you after you move to Miami. If you are single, especially, you will be visiting a number of clubs and parties, and here is where the cash gets sucked away. Miami is big on things like valet service and toll roads. So, as long as you are careful, you’ll be able to keep your money instead of spending it all at once.

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