How to organize and pack your kitchen for moving

Kitchen items

You are about to perform in one of the most stressful and possibly life-changing events in your life. Relocation of your home. There are many things to cover and you feel like time is slipping by. This can result in headaches and many mistakes if not done right. You should assemble a moving checklist and set aside a moving budget. Then cover one by one and probably the hardest one on the list is how to pack your kitchen for moving. But do not worry. This is where we can assist. By providing this ultimate guide on how to tackle this part of the move like a pro. Let’s do this together.

What packing materials are the best to pack your kitchen for moving?

The kitchen is probably most complicated to pack out of all the rooms in your household. That is why you’ll need a good preparation when we talk about packing materials you can use. Go out to the nearest hardware store and supply yourself with essentials. You’ll need boxes of all sizes along with packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, scissors and box cutter, few markers and labels. A choice is yours, especially if you are moving on a budget and you want to spend less. Also, if you have some newspapers that would be useful as well. Kitchen has a huge variety of items of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention the most of it is easily breakable. That is why you need to pay special attention while you pack your kitchen for moving.

Plates and cups
Fragile items should be packed with special care

The essentials

  • Scissors and box cutter –Be careful how you use them while you cut your paper, tape or a box.
  • Tape and newspaper – Use tape to seal and secure your moving boxes. And you should crumple newspaper and fill all the gaps between the items in the box. That will create a cushion and prevent the collision.
  • Bubble wrap and old cloth – Bubble wrap is more expensive but if you decide to go for it, there is no better protection. Simply wrap your fragile items and do not think twice. Also, old rags, blankets, and clothes can be used in the same manner. It is a cheaper version but it will do the job.
  • Label everything – Use your labels for each box and mark each box with your markers. This way you’ll be aware of the box content and you will know which box needs special care. Also, it helps with unpacking.

Where to start?

We would recommend you to start with a quick checkup on the things you are not bringing with you. Simple home decluttering is in order. Check on your broken china, old frying pans and cooking pots. Some of those items are not used for a while, and some you are hoarding for all kinds of reasons. Try to downsize by donating or throwing away. Next step would be to pack all the fragile and small items. Remember to use cloth or bubble wrap to make a cushion for your ceramics and glassware.

Pans hanging on the kitchen wall
Declutter your kitchen and get rid of old pots and pans

Then, take care of big items. All the items that are too big to be packed in the box should be secured. For instance, you should tie the fridge door with a rope or tape to prevent opening and damaging in transport. Same with the kitchen table, chairs, and appliances. Disassemble and clean everything you can when you pack your kitchen for moving, before loading into the moving truck.

How to pack kitchen appliances?

Electricity and water are not doing well together, and that’s why this is the first step in this process. Empty your appliance of all liquids if there are any. Remove and unplug all the cords and secure them with tape. If they are detachable, place them inside the unit. Do the same with all the batteries and excess plastic and metal detachable pieces. A smart thing to do before you pack your kitchen for moving is to search for original boxes. This would save a lot of time and you’ll use the box you already have, lying around. Also, this might be a perfect time for cleaning. You want your washers and mixers to have a brand-new look for your new kitchen.

Before you pack your kitchen for moving, clean small kitchen appliances
Remove all cords from your kitchen appliances before packing

Lastly, we should mention that each unit needs to be handled with care. Some of them are fragile and easily breakable. Read the instruction manual before attempting anything. Hopefully, you still have it. But if you don’t, we will recommend that you ask someone with the expertise to do it for you. Try 24/7 moving, one of the best in the business. They for sure know how to handle special items. It is important who is handling your truck loading and unloading.

Let’s pack together

Now let us break it down. The most important thing is how to place the items inside the box to avoid the collision. Firstly, every box needs to have a cushion on the bottom. As we mentioned before, towels and old rags should work just fine. On the outside, if you have paddings for corners, that would be good. Next would be to place large or medium-sized items on the bottom. Fill the gaps and air pockets with crumpled paper. Repeat the same process for pots and similar items, and you’ll achieve the box inside a box effect. Filling your bowls and pots will provide extra space.

You should consider packing glass and ceramics together and on the other side, wooden and metal items. Do not mix them, for obvious reasons. Wrap and fill your glassware with packing paper or bubble wrap. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overstuff boxes containing glassware. Keep it light for easier handling. And for the end, the easiest part is the utensils. You should gather all your forks, spoons and similar items, and wrap them in a blanket or a kitchen cloth. Use the separate box for knives and sharp objects. Use the plastic bin for this occasion. Safety always comes first when you pack your kitchen for moving.

sharp kitchen objects
Pack separately different types of kitchen equipment

Consider asking for help

What if we tell you that you won’t have to lift a finger? Someone else can pack your kitchen for moving. Yes, if you decide to hire a reliable moving company. Do a bit of research and find decent movers that match your needs and budget. Moving companies can provide services of packing, cleaning, storing and moving. Whatever you desire. Not to mention that they have the manpower and proper tools to handle any job. Furthermore, they are knowledgeable about how to move delicate items, as well as bulky ones such as the dishwasher.

Use this ultimate guide to pack your kitchen for moving. Hopefully, we provided enough for you to have a stress-free packing. Remember, label everything. You don’t want your helpers to toss around the boxes containing your glassware. Good luck!

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