Moving to Miami for college: Best colleges

Congratulations! You’ve done it! High school is finally over and you probably feel like the king of the world with that diploma in your hand and now, you’ve begun thinking of college. And of course, what a better place to start the rest of your life in than Miami? So, today, we will be telling you more about the top colleges in Miami. Also, we will tell you what to expect when moving here to further your studies. Though, let us give you a useful tip about choosing a university before we even begin: check it out in person! Sure enough, you may think a virtual tour of the place on the internet will give you a lot of information. However, it is always best to double check on your own.

If you’ve decided on moving to Miami for college, be sure to pay a visit to the University of Miami

Simply looking over the website of this amazing college will tell you exactly why it is the first on our list for today. More commonly known among the students as UM or The U, this is a private, nonsectarian research university located in Coral Gables. It has a number of large campuses, the main one reaching 239 acres in the very north of Miami. If you are interested in student housing when moving to Miami for college, the University of Miami has an overall capacity of 4500 students in its six dorms. If you are more interested in looking over the options which this college offers you can do so. Make sure to read through the list of majors online.

Before moving to Miami for college, I’d like to hear what some other students say about the University of Miami

The reviews of teachers and students alike are positive regarding the campus, studies and life at The U. Most of the students comment that they are very happy with the school grounds. They comment that the campuses are larger than what you might think. And, a few of them praise the greenery and the lake as a great spot to relax with your friends and study after moving to Miami for college. In case you are more of a café person, there are plenty of restaurants and bistros nearby for you to visit after moving to Miami. And finally, in case you are looking forward to relocating to Miami for college because of the sea, the students all praise the South Beach as their playground.

Another college you should see if you’re set on moving to Miami for university is the Florida International University

This is a public research university, located in the Miami metropolitan area. It has two major campuses in Miami-Dade County. The Florida International University, more popular among the students as FIU, is classified as a college with the highest research activity by the Carnegie Foundation. It has recorded over fifty-five thousand students attending in 2016. It has also recorded an amazing number of almost a thousand staff members. But, don’t trust our word regarding the sheer size and numerous possibilities at the FIU, take a closer look at their website. In case you are wondering about the various majors, as well as their magnificent online program, be sure to follow this link.

If I decide to attend FIU after relocating to Miami for college, what would my life be like?

If you’re looking for another campus which will blow your mind away after moving to Miami, you’ve probably found it. All the former and current students praise the main campus. They say that they loved spending time with their colleagues studying there. If you’d prefer to visit the beach after relocating to Miami for university instead, there is one just a short ways off. In case you want to get involved in the ‘campus life’ there are plenty of opportunities to do so here. And, in the end, most students advise you to pick up a Spanish dictionary on your way to this college. Or, perhaps a crash course in necessary words.

If you’re going to be moving to Miami for college, you should definitely consider Nova Southeastern University

This is a private, nonprofit university, located in Davie, a town in the Miami metropolitan area. Its main campus is a massive, 300 acres, expanse which hosts more than 24000 students at present. In total, Nova Southeastern University has 18 colleges and schools. Nova, or more recently often called the NSU by the students, has an amazing number of 175 programs and offers more than 250 majors. So, if you’re looking for a university with plenty to offer when moving to Miami for college, you might have just found one. Don’t believe our word? No trouble! Be sure to schedule a visit with the NSU if you live close by. Or, check out their virtual tour, if you aren’t able to come in person.

So, if I decide to go to NSU when relocating to Miami for university, what should I expect?

The word on the student grapevine is that NSU is definitely the place to be. If you’re looking forward to moving to Miami for college because of both your studies and having a great time with your peers, you have found the place. Numerous alumni praise NSU as one of the best decisions in their lives. The students also mention that everyone at the university is very helpful. They also say that the staff cares about the education and development of their charges. So, if you’re looking for a university where you can solve all of your issues over the phone or email instead of coming in person, NSU might be the place. They are very diligent with their communication and take great pride in it. Other than this, each of the campuses is a sight to behold and students tell us that they don’t mind studying there one bit. If you are more of a beach or café person, there are both options for you nearby. After all, seeing a beach every day is definitely one of the reasons for moving to Miami for college, no?

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