How to maximize your garage sale profits?

maximize your garage sale profits

So, it is time to plan your upcoming relocation. Finding the Best Movers in Florida should be your next step. Professional movers will help you organize your entire move. However, before you hire them to pack and relocate your belongings, you should consider decluttering your home. The most efficient way to do that is to organize a garage sale. You can save a lot of money on your moving expenses if you maximize your garage sale profits. Here are a few tips on maximizing your garage sale profits without difficulty.

Organizing a garage sale

As soon as sunny days appear and we start to feel like the winter is coming to an end, the garage sale season starts. This is a perfect time to schedule a move with a moving company in your area. Quality movers can prepare a moving timeline, so you know how much time you have to organize your garage sale and make a profit. Even when moving on short notice, you should still find time to organize a garage sale. This way you will cover some of the moving expenses and save money on your move at the same time while decluttering your home.

Let your friends help organize your garage sale.

Declutter your home for the sale

If you wish to be a success and maximize your garage sale profit, you should make sure to prepare in advance. There are a few simple rules you should consider before you even start. The best way to start preparing for the garage sale is to sort out items in your home. Be sure to put aside all the items you don’t need. It is crucial to stay focused while sorting out and keep a strict schedule. Don’t overthink when deciding about belongings that used to be important to you. Divide all of those items into piles while you decide. You can also use plastic bins or moving boxes to make this process easier. Make sure to prepare old items for your garage sale and include:

Make sure to price all the items and keep record of the sale.
  • Old children’s clothes, clothes you don’t really wear or fit anymore, clothes that someone gave you, so it collects dust while you move it from one part of the closet to another
  • Books you don’t need or like shouldn’t add weight to your moving cargo. Make sure to display those books and any old magazines you don’t really need any more
  • CDs and DVDs, you wish to part with usually maximize your garage sale profits
  • Furniture pieces and small kitchen appliances you don’t need or will never use etc.

How to maximize your garage sale profits?

As we mentioned before, there are some rules you should keep in mind if you wish to maximize your garage sale profits. To be a success, you should have someone close to you helping on a day of the garage sale. If you already have your items sorted out, make sure to ask your friends to help. They can help you in numerous ways. One friend can assist in making posters for sale, while others can help you clear out your garage than it is time to put up all of your items and price everything. It is crucial you have enough stuff to warrant a garage sale. On the other hand, if you do, your friends will be more than welcome because you don’t want anyone stealing or damaging your items while browsing. The more people you have, the easier it will be.

Price your items the right way

It is very important you price all of the items you wish to sell. Customers hate asking the price of every item, and they get tired of asking easily. In this situation, clients usually leave without the purchase. On the other hand, if your items don’t have prices on them, clients won’t know where to start with bargaining. When forming a price, leave some room for bargaining. This way you will be able to negotiate and maximize your garage sale profits.

Organize items that attract attention

One of the biggest selling points at the garage sale is a good presentation. It is important you organize everything neatly and reorganize as the garage sale goes by. People notice and get more interested when items are organized. On the other hand, if you have items from your home office, like computers, laptops, printers, etc. you should position them so everyone can see. In case you decide to still more such belongings to your new home or work office, look for office movers online. They can help you pack and more those sensitive items carefully if you don’t sell them in a garage sale.

Organize your items and display them properly.

Keep small bills and change on hand

When your goal is to maximize your garage sale profits, make sure you stay focused and be kind to your clients. People can get quite frustrated if they try to pay and end up waiting for change. The situation may get even worse if you don’t have enough change and offer them something else. To avoid this situation, make sure you have enough change before your clients even show up. Keep your money close and leave the largest bills at home if possible.

Plan in advance

Organizing a garage sale is a big task. You have to remember all those small details and keep up with all of your items. However, after the garage sale is complete, you should also decide what to do with the items you don’t sell. Consider donating those items to charity. If you decide to do that, you will be able to deduct on taxes. If you create a detailed list of items you are donating, you will know how much you will be able to deduct on each individual piece. This way you will maximize your garage sale profits and save up for some new shoes or a small weekend vacation.

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