Best places to buy a house in Fort Worth

A family home.

Buying a house is a big step in everyone’s life. It’s not like purchasing a designer bag or shoes – it’s a long commitment. Beside the house flippers, most people are looking for a house where they will live for years – even decades. The place where they will raise their children, and a home in which they will grow old. That’s why besides choosing the perfect house, you need to love its location as well. If you’re planning to buy a house in Fort Worth, here are the neighborhoods that you should consider.

Do you even like Fort Worth?

While the answer to this question may be obvious, you may be surprised how many people are moving to a city they know nothing about. They will pack up their things, hire the most reliable moving company like Evolution Moving Company DFW, and start relocating without even exploring if the new city is suitable for them at all.
Certainly, when you’re contemplating buying a house anywhere, you have to do thorough research of the town and its best neighborhoods. If you plan to have a family or you’re moving with your children, the list of the features that one neighborhood has to fulfill is even longer.
In order to buy a house anywhere, first research the features of the city where you wish to relocate:

  • Monthly living costs
  • The housing market
  • An unemployment rate of the city
  • The crime rate
  • Quality of the schools in the area
  • Best places to buy a house
  • Entertainment options
  • Amount of the open green surfaces

Moving to Fort Worth

It is safe to assume that you want to buy a house in Fort Worth in order to live there. That brought up another question – are ready for your relocation? Buying a house is just one of the many important moving tasks. It can cost you a lot of money to buy a house and for it to sit empty for a lot of time just because you didn’t start planning your relocation on time. The good recommendation is to start planning your move as soon as you start looking for a home that you wish to buy. It’s also the right time to start searching for reliable movers. Whenever you’re relocating to or out of Forth Worth area, you should really hire a moving company. That will help you immensely, and it’s truly the only way to move long-distance without stress.

Don’t forget the moving costs

Depending on the number of belongings that you’re moving your moving costs can be high or in moderation. You need to calculate them well in order to make your moving budget. That’s important when buying a house because you need to know how much money you should set aside for the move and will it affect the purchase of your new home. You can go to the moving company yourself, but getting your moving quote online is faster. The representative of the moving company will surely come to asses the number of your belongings and give you the precise estimate, but in the beginning, it’s vital to know the approximate moving quota.

Real estate market in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has been hit with the economy booming of the neighborly city of Dallas. The real estate market in both cities is strongest in the last decades. While that is the good news for the homeowners that wish to sell, it’s a difficult circumstance for the prospective buyers.
The prices of houses are at its highest, and affordable housing is very hard to find.
Even if you do find a suitable house, the competition is fierce. People are offering 15 to 20 grand higher that asked price in order to buy a house in Dallas.

While the situation in Fort Worth isn’t such drastic, it is also a seller market. Thanks to its progressive development, this city has become a popular place to live in.
Still, the records show that the price of the median home is $210,181, while 80 percent of housing sells for $500,000. Comparing to the other cities in the USA, the numbers aren’t so high. Also, the living expenses are a bit more affordable, so it even’s it out.
Of course, the size of the house and its location are crucial factors when determining the price of a home. When you want to buy a house think about how much space you actually need, especially if you’re moving to a house from the apartment.

A house for sale - may be difficult to buy a house in Fort Worth.
It’s a true seller real estate market in Fort Worth.


Best neighborhoods to buy a house in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a hip, interesting city with a lot to offer.
It is unique since it is modern and at the same time the true epiphany of the Texas spirit.
Fort Worth is a great place to buy a house in, and here are its best neighborhoods to focus on.


Southlake is an interesting neighborhood that is suitable both for young professionals and families with friends. It takes a half-hour commute to get to the downtown, but its big upside is that it is a calm and peaceful community. Southlake has outstanding public school systems and a very low crime rate. Another good news is that it has plenty of available houses on the real estate market.


Another part of Fort Worth with an excellent school system. This neighborhood has historic charm and a small-town feeling. It is perfect for the families, and its residents are friendly and open to newcomers. Keller has a strong sense of community and it’s one of the most pet-friendly areas in the city. If you’re considering to get a dog after your move, then this will be the great neighborhood for both of you.

A woman playing with a dog - if you own a pet consider to buy a house in Keller.
Keller is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Fort Worth.

Arlington Heights

This quaint suburb is close to the downtown, which means that you can be at the center of the happenings after a really short drive. Since it’s crime rate is practically unexcitable, this is the most livable neighborhood in Fort Worth. Still, because of its many perks, you will need a bigger budget to buy a house here.


Like any downtown, the center of the Fort Worth is active, vibrant and never dull. There are endless restaurants, bars, shops, and events to visit in the area. Still, it’s not so suitable for prospective house buyers. The house offer is extremely limited and very expensive since the apartments are the focus of the real estate market in this area.

A building in the downtown of Fort Worth.
It is ideal for those who love to be at the place where something always happens


Wedgwood is kind of a small town rather than neighborhood since it has a population of around 85.000 residents. It has it’s own cultural and nightlife scene, but also the abundance of parks, restaurants, schools and sports centers. Wedgwood is ideal for families that like urban living, but the house prices in this popular neighborhood aren’t really on the affordable side.

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