What’s an Essentials Box and How do I Pack One?

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What is an Essentials box? It is the box that should contain you’ll need to help with your move. You should pack everything you need for first days and nights in your new home. So, this is the reason why should pack it last. Besides you should start planning everything, to get ready for long distance relocation you need an essentials box that will help you survive your long way. So, what and how you should pack in your essentials box. Just make sure to get a sturdy box so it can be durable. You don’t want to risk with a damaged box. Remember, this is a box of necessities for your move – you’ll want everything inside to remain damage-free. So, choose the right box and start packing it.

Choose the right box and start packing it.

What items should you pack in your essentials box?

Here is the list of the most common items people pack in the essentials box.

  • Important paperwork – All of your files like birth certificates, school records, bank statements, your home ownership parers should be packed
  • Moving papers – You should keep track of all the moving paperwork. So, pack in the essentials box all the moving documents you receive from the moving company.
  • Insurance – Among all of these papers, you should have your insurance policy.
  • Cash and jewelry – You don’t want to risk losing your most precious items. So, do not put the jewelry and cash in the moving truck. Pack it along with other things in your essentials box.
  • Coins and rare items – In case you have a medal or a card collection, pack it in your essentials box. It is best to take such valuable things with you while you travel to another country.
  • Family photographs – All items of sentimental value you should bring with you.
  • The copy of your car keys and other everyday items you may need.
Don’t forget to pack your toiletries in your essentials box

Other things you might need in your essentials moving the box

Depending on where you’re moving, and how big are you, family, your special box will be different. Maybe you should consider pack, also:

  • Cleaning fluids and some garbage bags. Perhaps you will need it when you arrive in your new home to clean the kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • Pack up a flashlight and a few spare light bulbs. Being prepared and careful is good. You don’t want to end up unpacking in the dark place.
  • Towels and bed linens
  • Clothes for the first days and nights
  • Drinks and snacks – when you arrive at your new home you’ll probably be hungry, so we suggest to take some snacks and drinks with you.

Remember, save the essentials box to pack it last. Before, you should pack your entire home properly, to prepare everything for the long distance move. You want to be sure everything is ready for the movers to pick it up. If you are not sure how to pack and prepare for the long distance move, consider getting professional help from the Verified Movers. Finding the right movers is the crucial thing to have a successful relocation to your new home.

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