Things you shouldn’t forget when leaving California for Florida

a young woman packing and leaving California for Florida

Leaving California for Florida is becoming a very common practice. We won’t be focusing on why is that. If you are leaving California for Florida you surely know your reasons. Also, Florida can be a really great place. Today we will be focusing on helping you to prepare or better yet – pack. After all, packing is often the hardest part of any relocation.

10 things that people often forget

Before you start researching ways to relax in Florida you can learn from other people’s mistakes when it comes to packing. Even though some things will look silly now when the moving day comes all hell breaks loose and it’s easy to forget so, pay attention now :

  1. documents
  2. meds
  3. valuable items
  4. do you have something at the dry cleaners?
  5. paper plates and disposable cutlery
  6. stuff from storage areas
  7. chargers
  8. shower curtains
  9. house plants
  10. wall decorations and mirrors

These are the most common mistakes people make (forgetting) when packing for relocation. Don’t make them.

number 10
We put it in red so you don’t forget!

The key phenomenon

This must be the most common moving mistake. You are now in your California home, getting ready for moving to Florida. What do you need to get to your new home? Your new keys obviously. So what do you do? You put them someplace safe and yet easily reachable so you can just grab them and go. The problem is that since you fixate on that so much as soon as some little thing happens like in the chaos you spill your shampoo bottle and now you have to clean the carpet – the keys get forgotten. Mainly because they are too obvious. That’s why checklists are very important.

How to deal with this problem?

First of all, you need to understand that you are but one person. You can’t expect to remember every little thing. Downloading moving and packing apps can help since they all have reminders. If you have a lot of household items let professionals help you. Movers can pack safely all your household items and they are less likely to forget anything since they have the system. We also have another great tip. Keep reading.

Moving day bag

Even if you hire reliable movers like to help you with all preparations and packing, you should prepare a “moving day” bag on your own. This is one bag that you will prepare for the road. Inside you will pack items that you will need when the whole leaving California for Florida journey begins. If you are wondering what you should pack inside – we have a list for you.

A brown bag
This bag is just for you and your moving needs.

A list of items for the road

  • spare clothes
  • wet wipes
  • food, drinks depending on the way of traveling
  • meds
  • keys
  • charger
  • any special pieces of jewelry should be with you like a wedding ring etc
  • the most important documents
  • gel sanitizer

You can bring whatever you think will be useful for the road. Good luck and hopefully soon enough you will be enjoying those amazing Florida beaches.

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