Things to know if you are considering a move to Japan

Mt. Fuji in Japan

If you’re reading this sentence there’s a chance you’ve been thinking about moving to Japan. Maybe you’re just wondering where to make a fresh start? Surely, Japan seems like a great place to start over. The country has a lot to offer to newcomers. Urban landscapes straight out of a cyberpunk classic, or the wandering haiku poet’s favorite – mountainous countryside. Pick one or take both. Of course, moving to Japan seems so neat while you’re only dreaming about it, but how will you make it happen? Can’t you just pack up and leave? It’s not so easy. We’ll try to help you with that one in the article below. Find out everything you need to know about your move to Japan, the country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

The Basics

Here we’ll mention the basic information you need before and after the move. First of all, prepare for a long-distance move. You’ll need a correct visa. It’s illegal to work in Japan without one. Get your visa application procedure started as soon as possible. Once you’re in Japan, after obtaining the right documents, you’ll need a Residence Card. It will serve as your ID. For example, you can’t enter or leave the country without it, you can’t get a gym membership, you can’t get register for health insurance, etc. We’d recommend you get in touch with Japanese history, culture, and mentality. For example, enroll in a Japanese language course or read some English translations of authors crucial to the Japanese culture.

The amazing local moving providers

After a year in Japan, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be living in an apartment or a house you moved in at first. That’s nothing strange. And after all, you’ve nothing to worry about. Japanese moving providers are well known for their amazing services. You’ll be surrounded by professionals you can always count on, experienced crews ready to move your stuff wherever you find necessary.

A city scene in Tokyo, with familiar neon lights
You could say contemporary Tokyo resembles some cyberpunk classics.


Work-life is an important ingredient of Japanese culture

Japanese people are very passionate about their careers. Work-life is very important in Japan. Just check out guys at, movers who take their job very seriously. We’ve all heard stories about people forgetting to go home after work in Japan. Although some of the stories are, of course, overemphasized, they do tell a valid tale about the Japanese work mentality. Have that in mind before moving.

Ukiyo e print, adored in Japan
Getting in touch with national culture and learning the language will be of great help to you during your stay in Japan

Pack your stuff and move

Now, let’s say you’ve come to a decision. A Florida native moving to Japan. Sounds like a Hollywood comedy. Nevertheless, there’s nothing funny about international relocation. For example, you’ll need to pack your stuff. You can, of course, go DIY. You can also engage people who can help you. That way you’ll save yourself some time and nerves. That’s about it. Hopefully, this has been of some help to you. Planning a move to Japan sure ain’t easy, but you can make it easy.

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